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Fresh new 54 slot machines are awaiting approval from the Maryland authorities

Rocky Gap casino resortAs the titles says, more gambling fun is about to appear in Maryland totalling the overall quantity of up to 631 items despite the fact that other gambling vendors tend to decrease their slots quantity.

The Casino spokesman announced the 24 of the news slot machines to be placed inside the «gambling palace» while the rest of the 30 slots to be located outside on the new terrace divided to three parts with rooftop over each one of it. No other detailed are disclosed due to the pending decision of the Maryland authorities. Continue reading

Creating the future of slots as we know them

Future of slotsNevada is the first state to tract young gamblers with innovations. The plan is to fit in the traditional casinos new kind of video-game-like slots that which would resemble the on-line experience to the new generation of players who currently prefer home gambling to actual entertainment in the local casinos.

The changes which are about to follow were legally approved by the Senate Bill 9, however the details of the revolutionary decision are not described in the bill, therefore the specifics are yet to be discussed with the developers and regulators. Continue reading

Gambling addiction and struggle with the problem worldwide

Gambling Addiction

The problem of gambling addiction appeared to be very hot because the number of people who cannot control themselves increases every year. A lot of players continue to lose big sums while specialists are trying to define the problem and decide what to do. Everybody understands that something must be done. The legislative level shows that they try to do something in many countries and Russian is not an exception. Continue reading

Killing time

Killing TimeOregon researchers have come to the conclusion that time plays the crucial role for people who play games. By this it is meant that winnings do not matter at all. People gamble because they like to spend time in this way, feel good and escape stress. This conclusion seems to be strange but people spin the reels in order to kill their time being excited. Continue reading

History of Microgaming company

MicrogamingThe famous software developer Microgaming was one of the first companies who started creating games for online casinos. A number of the best-known slots games in the industry were created by Microgaming. They also invented a lot of innovations and new features, and introduced them into their games. Continue reading

UK Gambling Paradise under threat? MPs Update Online Gambling Laws

Parliament’s Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee of the UK headed by John Whittingdale has been working over new online gambling scenario of the country. As officials say, general public and the MPs are strongly dissatisfied with the current state of gambling affairs and it means that the Gambling Act approved in 2005 is not efficient. Online community changes at the speed of light but gambling laws are still the same and they cannot deal with social and technological changes that appear daily.

The committee supported taxation on the point of consumption basis but stated that the Treasury needs to work with industry stakeholders to establish the correct level for online gambling taxation. The failure of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to work with the Treasury to set remote gambling taxation at an acceptable level has led to almost half of the online gambling operators moving offshore. They pointed out that the need is to encourage companies to accept UK regulation and taxation and to discourage the formation of a grey market.

The UK Gambling Commission was painted in dark colors and named “an overly expensive, bureaucratic regulator” requiring decisive steps aimed at its operating costs reduction. The report also mentions that the industry fees are unreasonably high. The MPs insist on independent review of Gambling Commission expenditure aimed at reducing costs. Unfortunately, all changes are hardly impossible because of the old system for online gambling licensing.

The report dwelt on problem gambling as well. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport was recommended to start an information campaign on problem gambling to encourage gamblers, who face problems making their game online seek immediate help.

The report put great emphasis on problem gambling and underage gambling and asked for a specific research of the problems in question. MPs underlined the necessity of educating children about possible risks of gambling.

What is more, the committee pointed out that many UK Gambling Commission decisions are taken without proper investigation and evidence, which proves poor regulation. The report assured that the UK government should carry out a serious independent research over time to see the real scale of problem gambling and change gambling regulation accordingly.

Whittingdale underlined that gambling in the UK is viewed as a “legitimate entertainment activity”, that is why gambling legislation should be immediately updated. These steps will not solve problems of global online gambling, but they will make gambling in the UK more impartial and transparent.

Great changes for all casinos of the Isle of Capri

The Isle of Capri is a destination of many holidaymakers who hope to bask in the warm sun, taste many kinds of delicious food and enjoy life. Isle of Capri Casinos is a place of interest for all individuals who enjoy perfect gambling. Believe it or not but many people reveal the thrill of gambling there, but not in Las Vegas, Canada or UK casinos.

Isle of Capri Casinos are dedicated to providing its customers with the most thrilling gaming and entertainment experience. Several days ago on the 5th of March 2012 Isle of Capri Casinos gamblers heard the most stunning news – Isle Casino Hotel in Biloxi, Mississippi is to change its owners after 20 years of successful and prosperous work.

The future proprietor is Golden Nugget Biloxi, Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc. will get approximately $45 million for its Isle Casino Hotel in Biloxi. As Virginia McDowell, president and chief executive officer of Isle of Capri, states, this transaction is a step forward for her company. As for gamblers, they will be able to enjoy the same unique atmosphere of calm and luxury and fair play!