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Sam Trickett loses his sponsor

Sam TrickettNothing lasts forever and we can see it now since Sam Trickett leaves Everest Poker. Both sides claim to part on mutual conditions, no war to follow.

As we remember the two parties found each other in March 2014 and brought new wave of rumours as well as great bunch of deal since the website was promoting Sam as a great player and Mr. Trickett in his turn promoted and worked for the Everest Poker as the truly amazing and indisputably number one poker player throughout the whole United Kingdom. Alongside this the overall amount of his winnings constitutes astounding $20,566,809 which brings him the sixths place in the worldwide table of Poker fame. Continue reading

Young New Zealander is now sure that Mom is not always right

Christopher Small, a 24-year-old NZ student had been a regular at PokerStars for the past three years making some pocket money and dreaming of incredible winnings. His family was strongly displeased with their son’s passion and considered him to have a gambling dependency. Chris persisted in his desire to become rich through online poker and continued playing.

About 1 am in late July, 2011 the guy’s prayers were heard when Chris was playing $0.10/$0.25 six-max No Limit Hold’em on incredible 24 tables simultaneously with five other people. The lucky fellow had been dealt into the site’s 65-billionth hand and suddenly became $68 420 richer.

Excited Chris happened to hit a big jackpot for his winning hand because PokerStars rewards every 5 billionth hand played on the site. The following prize target is 70 billion hand and the grandest even of all will be PokerStars’ Mega Milestone 100 billionth hand. Elated NZ student does not share his ideas if he is going to try and hit another jackpot!

Full Tilt Poker cannot pay back about 400 million USD

It all started on April 15, 2011 when USA authorities shut down website of Full Tilt Poker and its customers were simply screwed. Many professionals have always been squeamish about this ‘family business’ (the online poker resource was run by two siblings), nevertheless, hundreds of mature poker players made their living here until the site was shut down in one day without any warnings and explanations.

Only half a year later it is possible to estimate the round sum of money that had to be paid back to Full Tilt Poker users – it is 300-400 million dollars. One more stunning fact is that Howard Lederer and Jesus Ferguson knew too well how to care about themselves within four years they paid themselves almost $444000000! Poker pros are frustrated, now they cannot be 100% sure that their current online poker site is not going to be shut down tomorrow.

5 000 signatures in just three days!

As you might know, the USA White House now supports a special section ‘We The People’ at where anyone can air his or her views concerning any burning issues. As president Barack Obama says, this is a perfect way to be open for people and their daily problems and requirements.

On September 22 an extraordinary petition was posted at ‘We The People’ – it was a voice of director of grassroots and external affairs for the Poker Players Alliance Drew Lesofski raised for support of the legalization and regulation of poker (both ordinary and online) in the USA.

To say that White House was stunned is to say nothing, but the most fascination part was still to come. Officials did not believe that this petition would receive over 5000 within 1 month to be reviewed. To their utter surprise the petition received the desired number of supporters in just three days! This means that on October 22, 2011 the US government will review this wondrous petition and poker may restore its legal position.

World championship of online Poker and first results of 2011

It all started in the very beginning of September and we do have some preliminary results with a group of world known surnames climbing up the list of lucky ones who might share the fortune’s lost full of ever green bucks that are so luring with fantasies of prosperous life once you get on top of the WCOOP player’s list.

One of the surprises was “N4kai” who succeeded to walk away with more than $100 000 which made him the first Polish player to ever win an event at WCOOP. Hurray for Poland and its brand new professional player.

888poker is glad to meet everyone at a new Canada poker tournament spot

Quebec, Canada will be hosting 888poker’s fresh tournament games the “Super stack” series which will take place on April 7th 2012 and will last for 2 days. Players will be playing a 185$CAD buy-in with a prize reaching estimated sum of 20.000 Canadian dollars. That is a pleasant handful of money!

Anyone can be a part of the tournament series. Qualifications are taking place every Sunday at so don’t waste your time and rush now to try your luck. To get all the details and some of the additional information feel free to visit the official Super Stack series website.

New Poker campaign called FairPlayUSA is launched

A new poker campaign was recently launched in Washington DC by the world’s most famous casinos which include Caesars and MGM. The campaign was launched on Tuesday and is aimed at legitimating the online poker gambling rights. They want to show how the gambling interest and strict US laws brought people to internet to play poker.

Among the advisory board members you may find the names of Tom Ridge, Parry Aftab and Greg Raymer whom we all know as the champion of the 2004 World series of Poker event. The head of the board is Marisa McNee.

By standing out as a righteous power to protect the consumers the FairPlayUSA is willing to help the poker playing fans be kept in legitimate site of the legislation.

Pokerstars wins the gambling race

Now that Fulltilt is no longer available (legal) poker players have to seek for new places to enjoy the sweet poker excitement. It appears now that PokerStars have gained more than 66% of the former FullTilt players.

Once the FullTilt website went down PokerStars experienced massive players flow who failed to login to their usual accounts and joined the PokerStars rooms. We should not forget the rest of the 34% gamblers who did not become the PokerStars fans. They have most probably spread through the other online poker rooms.

Selbst Gets to the Top

The Partouche Poker Tour main event is a widely known tournament all over the world. It gives players a chance to win over a million euros worth of pot money.

Vanessa Selbst, an American poker pro, ended this year’s tournament held in Cannes, France, with the championship trophy and the Euro 1.3 million in her bank account. So far, it is Vanessa’s largest victory in her career, but her total poker earnings make her the third largest-earning female professional poker player in the world.

New Deal – Good Things to Come

The news coming from says that PokerStars is to provide the software to be used for’s Poker Club, a free play section which is somewhat similar to the poker room.

The agreement will let ESPN enhance its current portfolio and online casino offering, like a better variety of games, prize options and overall better gaming experience. At the same time PokerStars will be able to implement its superior technology that the company is proud of.

Over the year both companies have gained strong reputation and credibility, so a lot is expected to come out of this deal.