Mobile gambling today

OfcomThe research conducted by “Ofcom Communications” has shown that about 40% of the British people used Smart phones in 2012 though this number was not so huge in the previous year.

Online casinos consider this tendency to be a good result because mobile phones and gambling go side by side. The present situation of involving smart phones in online gambling is regarded by the government as natural.

It is worth mentioning that about 70% of all mobile bets were made in bookmaking. Thus the share of mobile gaming and poker rooms considerably drops behind betting. The experts presuppose that the present situation is conditioned by the fact that betting doesn’t take much time and everyone can quickly make a bet anywhere, even in a bus. Mobile gambling in online casinos is not as convenient and operative as betting.

According to analytics, the profits from online gambling made up 2, 2 billions € in 2011. It is a record-breaking sum. Though the part of online gambling in this sector is not large it is supposed that it will slowly rise to more considerable magnitude.

There exists a forecast that the number of Smart phones will significantly increase in several years. About 45% of all mobile clients in the USA already possess Smart phones. Betting will understandably remain dominant in this sphere but mobile poker and gambling in online casinos will also grow in the nearest future.

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