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A gambling millionaire uses her Bridge card in Michigan

Do you think that gambling or winning a lottery is a solution of all your problems? Well, maybe you are right and you would be absolutely happy to get hold of a lovely round sum of money. But some people manage to remain little niggards even when Lady Fortune smiles upon them. On the 5th of March, 2012 people were reminded of 24-year-old Amanda Clayton who won $1 million from the Michigan State Lottery last autumn.

The lucky thing was spotted using her usual Bridge card to pay for her grocery items. When Clayton was asked why she does it, she replied that she saw nothing special in being a millionaire on welfare! She said she gets $200 each month from taxpayers to foot her food bills because she is still unemployed. What is more, the woman started complaining that after all those taxes she was not a millionaire any longer – they left her a little over $500000. Now Clayton possesses a U-Haul truck and a new luxury house, and with all that she is determined to continue using state funds for buying food.

Many upset taxpayers are planning to turn to Senate to have the low changed and keep people like Clayton from using state funds when 25% of all households do need food assistance.

Mega Million Lottery Simulator Works has recently presented a unique Mega Millions lottery simulator that gives players a chance to identify his/her chances of winning and helps predict future winnings and probable outcomes of a certain outlay.

The simulator has been tried already by several people, and their reviews are positive, as well as their rewards. However, some people are not happy with the product, as they said it removes the luck and excitement of actually waiting for the unknown outcome of every game.

Lottery Scam on the Rise

A lottery scam has recently come to the public’s attention in the province of Ontario, Canada. It is believed to be a product of a conspiracy between two store owners, with the goal to get millions of dollars from the victims.

The police are now investigating the case, and it may or may not be related to another lottery scam that took place three years ago and also involved the Ontario Lottery System. The suspects have already been charged with fraud cases.

Breach Warning

The BC Lottery Corporation had to shut down its Play Now online casino gambling site on its launch day as a result of security compromise causing the leak of personal information of account holders. An attempt to re-launch the site has actually failed too, as gamblers other than account holders were still able to access player accounts and important security data was accessible too.

Unfortunately the account breach is still active, and the company has not overcome the security issues yet. Initial reports say that the security breach compromised some player accounts and at least $8,000 was wagered illegally.

Winners Can be Generous

Acts of kindness are very rare in our everyday life, especially among the winners of online gambling and lotteries. However, GBP 56 million winnings do not often happen either, so it makes sense to be kind with the winnings of this size.

GBP 56 million lottery win has become the largest lottery win in the UK. And Nigel Page and Justine Laycock who turned out to be those lucky multimillion winners decided to share their win with their housekeeper of 20 years by giving hr their $400,000 house.

The family is moving into their new GBP 4 million house, but the amazing thing is that their loyal housekeeper is going to stay with the couple and keep on working on them.

Online Games from Lotto-Quebec

Lotto-Quebec is starting to offer online casino games in September. Quebec’s government accepted the company’s submission and as a result will get about $50 million in revenue over the next three years. To say more, this number is not final, it can be even larger, depending on how much of the Internet gaming market the lottery will occupy.

Taking into consideration problem gambling, Lotto-Quebec will limit players on their weekly risk total, allow self-exclusion and have strict age monitoring.

More Lottery Players to Enjoy Powerball and Mega Millions Lotteries

Starting January 31, Mega Millions Lottery is available for Missouri lottery players. Simultaneously, Ohio is joining the Powerball Lottery where players have a chance to win doubled jackpots.

Players from the states where both lotteries are played are very excited, as they have huge sums of money to play for.

The Mega Millions Lottery is drawn on Tuesdays and Fridays, while the Powerball Lottery is held on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Tickets can be bought online through World Lottery pages.

“The Most Wanted Man in China” Identified Himself

China’s biggest ever lottery prize has finally been taken home. A winning ticket worth 360 million Yuan ($52.7 million) and announced on October 8, 2009 was bought in Anyang of Henan by a middle-aged man surnamed An. However, it took authorities several weeks to identify the winner.

In China, lottery winners are required to collect money within two month after paying 20% of the amount in taxes. If a winner decides to donate, he/she doesn’t pay tax on the donated money. This time winner decided to donate 10 million Yuan to Henan Charity Federation and 600,000 yuan to Yan Mengmeng – a Henan girl suffering from uremia. So, in view of that, An will have to pay 69.9 million Yuan in taxes instead of 72 million.

This winning is unbelievably huge for an average China’s resident. With the average annual income of about 30,000 Yuan, Chinese residents would have to work more than 9,600 years to earn the equivalent sum of An’s winning.

An is going to maintain his current life style and invest some of the winning into his business.

New Study – Fresh Ideas

The expansion of online casino industry is inevitable, as well as underage gambling concerns. Lots of nations speculate on the problem using it as a chance to ban online gambling completely. However, working towards understanding of underage gambling problem, its motivations and implications is required. This is what the UK is currently working at.

A study into underage gambling in the UK has been comissioned by the National Lottery Commission. The study will give the information in comparison with the results of a similar study made in 2006. Besides, “the new and fresh insights into the motivations and factors playing a role in youth manipulating the system to participate in both legal and illegal internet gambling”.

What Would you Do if You Found a Lottery Ticket?

Amanda, Stacey, a 34-year-old housewife, the UK, has received an 11-month deferred jail sentence for false claiming in the lottery.  What happened is that Amanada found the lottery ticket on the floor at the grocery store, brought it home and found out that the ticket had winnings numbers and was worth GBP 30,000.

The ticket belonged to Dorothy McDonagh, a 61-year-old gambler, who purchased tickets on the regular basis and kept receipts as a proof of purchase. The old woman revealed the situation and the case was forwarded to the police.

So, this way, Amanda learnt that any fraudulent activities result in jail time.