Killing time

Killing TimeOregon researchers have come to the conclusion that time plays the crucial role for people who play games. By this it is meant that winnings do not matter at all. People gamble because they like to spend time in this way, feel good and escape stress. This conclusion seems to be strange but people spin the reels in order to kill their time being excited.

All the players can be classified into several groups according to the reasons they play for. Some players go to a casino to communicate with friends and relax. That is why they prefer real gambling and do not play online.

It is interesting that people play in slots in the majority of cases. Roulette, poker and other table games are not so popular. The most of people claim that they would like to win more frequently than to get a large sum once a month. Not many players prefer playing for high stakes. Though gamblers get great profit from games they still prefer taking pleasure in the gambling process than getting profit all the time.

According to statistics women play mainly for fun and satisfaction while men gamble for the sake of easy profit. People of any age and professions are found among players. Thus according to Oregon researchers killing time and having fun is the main reason for gambling in the USA.

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