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Yvonne Egger – was born and spent her childhood in Villa Maria, Lawrence County, PA, USA. As a teen she moved to Gettysburg with her family and in 1996 she entered Gettysburg College and joined environmental studies. After College the young lady looked for a brighter life and found it in the disguise of her husband Rick, an easy-going person and a professional poker player. Today Yvonne can hardly imagine her life without a game of poker and a visit to a casino during her holidays.

Omni Casino Thematic Bonuses

Gamblers interested in hot casino games news will be pleased to hear that Omni Casino is looking forward to Halloween – fantastic Slotoberfest Tournament has been announced this week. The story that arrests gamblers’ attention is a brand new powerful German website from Omni Casino’s. Now German players can enjoy gambling in their native language. What is more, they will not have to change their payment options because wagering in euros is nothing new for Omni Casino.

October 13 offered to gamblers generous Jack-O-Cash Saturday bonuses. Players who made deposits enjoyed bonuses: sums between $10 and $30 were given a 150% bonus; sums between $31 and $80 were given a 125% bonus; sums between $81 and $150 were given a 100% bonus.

Omni Casino gamblers, who deposited $200 or more in October, should contact the 24/7 customer support to receive their $15 free play bonus. The money can be used for playing Omni Casino slots.

Exciting Spin To Win cash rewards will be available on October 17. Try to spin at least 1000 qualifying points in Slotoberfest Slots Tournament and you will be placed into the random prize bin. One can’t but agree that winning a prize ranging from $10 to $150 is a pleasant bonus!

October 18 is the last day of the Slotoberfest Bonus Festival. This is when you can get the bonuses similar to that of Jack-O-Cash Saturday. What is more, if you deposit between $151 and $900, you will be granted a 75% bonus.

If you remember that Omni casino is powered by software from Playtech, you will understand how easy it is to take part in the Slotoberfest Online Tournament. Try one of the top ten slots such as ‘Iron Man 2’, ‘Fantastic Four’, ‘Hulk’ or ‘Blade’ and you will feel that Halloween time is coming!

Omni Casino Offers Gas Cards

Golden Touch Slot Tournament of Canada is almost over, and Omni Casino powered by Playtech announces a new hot promo event for all Canadian players! Starting June 1, 2012, Omni Casino holds a big event called “Fill ‘Er Up! Canada” where every player can win up to $50 worth of free gas!

But let us start from the very beginning. This event is nothing but a part of the popular Hot Seat Bonus promotion arranged by Omni Casino. Of course, all Canadian gamblers know about the Hot Seat Bonus promotion. With all that let us remind the rules of the event to avoid misinterpretations. All players are rewarded with 1Hot Seat Point for a qualifying gaming day (wagering the total of at least $1,250 within one calendar day). The more qualifying gaming days the gambler has, the bigger is the cash bonus. So, 5 qualifying gaming days in June bring you a $15 bonus; 7 to 11 qualifying days give you a $40 bonus; 12 to 17 qualifying days (the “warmer” region) grant you a $105 bonus and a $25 Gas Card for Canadian players; 18 to 22 qualifying days (the “toasty” region) offer you a $215 bonus; 23 to 27 qualifying days (the “hot” region) guarantee you a $330 bonus; and, finally, 28 or more qualifying days win you a $500 bonus. In addition to that, all Canadian players who reach “toasty” or higher regions are given a $50 Gas Card.

As flamboyant Omni Times newsletter says, this June will earn you more than you hoped to get at Omni Casino! The majority of Canadian players do not have to take any steps at all – they can continue gambling in their usual manner and enjoy generous cash bonuses and $25.00 or $50.00 free Gas Cards in addition to the regular cash prizes. It looks like gambling June will be very hot!

Behold the excitement of the year! is planning to share the $10 000 000 prize

The amazing thing is the prize is gathered from the total volume of the chips played so you may understand how real the offer is. It will be collected weekly from the amount of the chips played. The aim is to introduce the 32 casinos of the to the players and make them feel the wild excitement when winning a prize. The 10mln “bonus” is said to be distributed among all the winners who buy a ticket to play. Everyone wins a certain amount of the bonus and the game goes on offering another 10mln next week.

All of you burning with desire to try your luck are welcome to register at

ePassporte Closing its Doors

Gambling world couldn’t believe the news that ePassporte’s e-wallet services will not be soon available for them. ePassporte is departing from the whole internet gambling world due to the lack of generated revenue and other circumstances.

Despite the fact the most of the company’s services to online casinos and gambling sites can no longer be used, there is still a small group that will attend to wallet requests and aid funds disbursements to any e-wallet account holders.

The necessary info and instructions will soon be posted for all wallet holders on ePassporte’s website. If there are any concerns or requests, they can be sent to [email protected]

New Player to Join Party Poker

Lots of attention has been drawn this time to the Party Poker World Open VI. Lots of major poker pros have taken part in the tournaments, as well as amateur and budding poker players. However, this time’s winner is a British online casino poker player who is fairly new in the field, but who already managed to impress professional poker players with his persistence and the skills, aggressive and bold style of play.

Definitely, it is just the beginning, but very exciting one for this player. And poker team contract offered to him will for sure change his life forever.

Way to Success

What does it take for an online gambling site to become recognized? It is more than showing up for gambling. The road to success is not paved with the site content only, but software package, look and feel of the brand have a huge impact too. And, still, it cannot guarantee success. The latest fads such as social media and chat functions, diversity of products and features are ectremely important as well. These fundamental elements definitely help online casino and betting sites bring new players to their sites and further develop as a brand.

Interactive Gaming Enters New Level

Amuso Bingo has announced the launch of a new bingo gaming site operating on NYX Interactive software platform. The site is based on the same concept as the popular UK show – the Weakest Link.

The launch of the site has been very well received by internet bingo players, so the deal between Amuso, owning The Weakest Link, and the Bonnier Gaming’s Cashball, a bingo gaming company, to launch the newly branded bingo site is already paying off.

New Slots Games in the Market

CTZM, a software development company, is releasing two new slots: a World Cup Soccer Spins game and Battleground Spins game devoted to the military theme.

Online slots players playing the World Cup game will get everything what you could expect from the game with this theme. All the slots symbols will reflect the theme of the game. You may even get a penalty round on the game.

The Battleground Spins game has graphics akin to the comic books, and a lot of the fun features and extras are also designed to go along with that comic book concept. In addition to that you will have gun and battles, spins and bonuses, and a lot more.

Kerching Joines iPhone Entertainment Industry

Mobile gaming is developing at a great speed. The latest announcement comes from, the online casino which is now providing iPhone and iPod Touch users with their popular Rainbow Riches online slot game (also known as Pots of Gold).

To start the game, players should go to and follow the instructions featured on the web browser. You are required to register, but the process is very easy. can boast of top notch graphics, easy to use navigation and top features, and to enjoy them players need to have the handset.

The slot game offers 5 reels with 20 pay lines. It completes the theme with a lucky leprechaun for some of the symbols and other Irish symbols.  It also has a Pick Me and Road to Riches bonus for you to get Pots of Gold when you play.  There is also a progressive jackpot that offers a gold, silver or bronze in the jackpot.  It is playable with 20 pence to 5 pounds depending on what you wish to bet.  So, if you play with five pounds it is possible to win 5000 pounds in the bonus rounds.

More iPhone games are expected for launch by Kerchin, and the company claims it won’t take much time to hear from them.