Gambling addiction and struggle with the problem worldwide

Gambling Addiction

The problem of gambling addiction appeared to be very hot because the number of people who cannot control themselves increases every year. A lot of players continue to lose big sums while specialists are trying to define the problem and decide what to do. Everybody understands that something must be done. The legislative level shows that they try to do something in many countries and Russian is not an exception. The government has broadened the list of people who can be called addicted and deprived of property and material rights. Thus their trustees are responsible for their earnings.

A number of other measures are taken in Europe and the USA. All restrictions consist in therapy and precautions. Game-addicted people in Sweden treat their disease by psychotherapy and antidepressants. The Canadian scientists have worked out a special way of treatment which is based on persuasions. It is successfully used in the USA, Norway, Spain, Australia and other countries. For example, school discussions concerning gambling addiction are practiced in Denmark. Thus the means of struggling against gambling are numerous but there are still a lot of problems in this sphere.