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About Blackwell Arthur

Arthur Blackwell – was born in a town of Belper, Derbyshire, England, UK. Being a hardworking person, in 1999 he entered De Montfort University, Leicester, and four years later successfully graduated from it and moved to Edmonton. The faculty of business and law made his realize that gambling, especially poker and horse races, are not only a kind of philosophy but a good business, too.

Gambling addiction and struggle with the problem worldwide

Gambling Addiction

The problem of gambling addiction appeared to be very hot because the number of people who cannot control themselves increases every year. A lot of players continue to lose big sums while specialists are trying to define the problem and decide what to do. Everybody understands that something must be done. The legislative level shows that they try to do something in many countries and Russian is not an exception. Continue reading

RocketFrog launches a gambling Facebook application

It looks like social net craze is here to stay! Lovers of online casino games can appreciate a game of daily poker, blackjack and even slot tournaments on Facebook these days because social games provider RocketFrog finally came up with a brand new application of gambling games that lead to real-world prizes!

It is difficult to say how many people are going to gamble in social nets, but all of them will be able to win cinema tickets, music and food in hot fast-paced Texas hold’em tournaments lasting 1-5 minutes taking place in small fields of 30 to 100 players.

RocketFrog promises that its new Facebook application will include multi-player blackjack, slot competitions, no-limit poker and video poker, blackjack and roulette, and other gambling games that are unusually popular in traditional and online casinos. Gamblers will interact here and win real prizes against their friends, which is far more existing, states Brett Calapp, Chief Executive Officer for RocketFrog. He considers Facebook to be a perfect place to play because you know when your friends are at online and you can beat them in a fair game.

RocketFrog added a whiff of good humor and comedy to its app by means of funny virtual gifts that can be won and even shared with friends. The best gifts will unlock when players get into the RocketFrog’s loyalty club. RocketFrog is sure that their application will become more popular than traditional casino games because it includes a perfect suite of learning tutorials, game strategy articles and tips from the professional gamblers. The application developers explain that RocketFrog allows players to challenge your friends, share your achievements, earn loyalty rewards and compete for the best results, and it is very stimulating. Gambling will make your social net communication absolutely fantastic, declare the developers. Let us wait and see if they are right!

World championship of online Poker and first results of 2011

It all started in the very beginning of September and we do have some preliminary results with a group of world known surnames climbing up the list of lucky ones who might share the fortune’s lost full of ever green bucks that are so luring with fantasies of prosperous life once you get on top of the WCOOP player’s list.

One of the surprises was “N4kai” who succeeded to walk away with more than $100 000 which made him the first Polish player to ever win an event at WCOOP. Hurray for Poland and its brand new professional player.

Online Casino la vida is proud to present new games

Guys from Microgaming did a great job and Casino La vida is ready to announce fresh video slot. It is said to be the very first video slot game that will contain a roulette. The excitement thrills as millions of players are waiting on it to become available on July 7th 2011. The chick atmosphere of the 50s with gorgeous ladies involved in the game process are perfectly presented in every detail. Casino la Vida players are sure to like the exclusive game.

Asia Pacfic is predicted to dominate worldwide gambling starting 2014

The groowths and development of this market cannot go unnoticed by gambling companies.

It is believed that Macau, Singapore, Australia and South Korea will see reap a revenuu of $62.9 billion over the next three years, while last year they already made approximately $21.8 billion in revenue. Among the four countries Macau is already considered the world’s top gambling destination with the biggest market in the gambling industry.

Judging by the rapid development of the gambling industry in Asia Pacfic, it will definitely beat there the gambling industry in the USA.

Genting Unveils New Products

Genting Casino has recently presented its latest edition to its already long list of games – three slot games, licensed and branded by Marvel Comics. The games are believed to bring more fun, entertainment and excitement to casino players.

The games, Elektra slots, Daredevil and Blade, are associated with the Marvel Multi-level Mystery Progressive Jackpot, with four jackpots available to a player on each game. The Jackpots are random and they don’t depend on the wager amount.

The Marvel brand launch is just a beginning, and more games are expected to come.

Gambling Can Be Eco-Friendly

In order to keep up with increasing demands of the company’s clientele, Continent 8 developed a new high-tech server room accounting for the smallest space and being more eco-friendly, but at the same time capable and efficient, having the capacity to support high density cabinets. The room’s setup allows quicker construction and less complex server room maintenance. To save energy, the room acquired the LED lightning system.

Martin Heimann who has more than two decades of experience and expertise regarding project and facilities management, mechanical designs, etc. manages this new facility.

Ukraine Wants to Lift Ban

The Ukraine is considering the opportunity of legalization of online casinos in the country. The talks regarding the matter were scheduled on October 4, 2010. Lifting of the existing ban in the Ukraine will be a substantial financial aid for the country and will bring millions of dollar of tax money.

There are strong indications that the gambling ban will be lifted by 2011.

Censorship in Israel

The online casino gambling industry has been banned in Israel for years already, however, at the moment the Israeli government are taking new and serious steps to keep the internet gambling sites away from the country.

The new implemented ISP blocks are of little danger for the global internet community. The fear is that these blocks may soon turn into a form of internet censorship in the country. The brightest example of how the country can keep everything under control is China, the country with the longstanding history of news and political information censorship.

Another side of the implementation of these blocks is that they create more savvy internet gambling companies who always find other ways to access the players.