Gambling Can Be Eco-Friendly

In order to keep up with increasing demands of the company’s clientele, Continent 8 developed a new high-tech server room accounting for the smallest space and being more eco-friendly, but at the same time capable and efficient, having the capacity to support high density cabinets. The room’s setup allows quicker construction and less complex server room maintenance. To save energy, the room acquired the LED lightning system.

Martin Heimann who has more than two decades of experience and expertise regarding project and facilities management, mechanical designs, etc. manages this new facility.

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About Blackwell Arthur

Arthur Blackwell – was born in a town of Belper, Derbyshire, England, UK. Being a hardworking person, in 1999 he entered De Montfort University, Leicester, and four years later successfully graduated from it and moved to Edmonton. The faculty of business and law made his realize that gambling, especially poker and horse races, are not only a kind of philosophy but a good business, too.