World championship of online Poker and first results of 2011

It all started in the very beginning of September and we do have some preliminary results with a group of world known surnames climbing up the list of lucky ones who might share the fortune’s lost full of ever green bucks that are so luring with fantasies of prosperous life once you get on top of the WCOOP player’s list.

One of the surprises was “N4kai” who succeeded to walk away with more than $100 000 which made him the first Polish player to ever win an event at WCOOP. Hurray for Poland and its brand new professional player.

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About Blackwell Arthur

Arthur Blackwell – was born in a town of Belper, Derbyshire, England, UK. Being a hardworking person, in 1999 he entered De Montfort University, Leicester, and four years later successfully graduated from it and moved to Edmonton. The faculty of business and law made his realize that gambling, especially poker and horse races, are not only a kind of philosophy but a good business, too.