Omni Casino Offers Gas Cards

Golden Touch Slot Tournament of Canada is almost over, and Omni Casino powered by Playtech announces a new hot promo event for all Canadian players! Starting June 1, 2012, Omni Casino holds a big event called “Fill ‘Er Up! Canada” where every player can win up to $50 worth of free gas!

But let us start from the very beginning. This event is nothing but a part of the popular Hot Seat Bonus promotion arranged by Omni Casino. Of course, all Canadian gamblers know about the Hot Seat Bonus promotion. With all that let us remind the rules of the event to avoid misinterpretations. All players are rewarded with 1Hot Seat Point for a qualifying gaming day (wagering the total of at least $1,250 within one calendar day). The more qualifying gaming days the gambler has, the bigger is the cash bonus. So, 5 qualifying gaming days in June bring you a $15 bonus; 7 to 11 qualifying days give you a $40 bonus; 12 to 17 qualifying days (the “warmer” region) grant you a $105 bonus and a $25 Gas Card for Canadian players; 18 to 22 qualifying days (the “toasty” region) offer you a $215 bonus; 23 to 27 qualifying days (the “hot” region) guarantee you a $330 bonus; and, finally, 28 or more qualifying days win you a $500 bonus. In addition to that, all Canadian players who reach “toasty” or higher regions are given a $50 Gas Card.

As flamboyant Omni Times newsletter says, this June will earn you more than you hoped to get at Omni Casino! The majority of Canadian players do not have to take any steps at all – they can continue gambling in their usual manner and enjoy generous cash bonuses and $25.00 or $50.00 free Gas Cards in addition to the regular cash prizes. It looks like gambling June will be very hot!

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