New Player to Join Party Poker

Lots of attention has been drawn this time to the Party Poker World Open VI. Lots of major poker pros have taken part in the tournaments, as well as amateur and budding poker players. However, this time’s winner is a British online casino poker player who is fairly new in the field, but who already managed to impress professional poker players with his persistence and the skills, aggressive and bold style of play.

Definitely, it is just the beginning, but very exciting one for this player. And poker team contract offered to him will for sure change his life forever.

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About Yvonne Egger

Yvonne Egger – was born and spent her childhood in Villa Maria, Lawrence County, PA, USA. As a teen she moved to Gettysburg with her family and in 1996 she entered Gettysburg College and joined environmental studies. After College the young lady looked for a brighter life and found it in the disguise of her husband Rick, an easy-going person and a professional poker player. Today Yvonne can hardly imagine her life without a game of poker and a visit to a casino during her holidays.