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New Tournament from Full Tilt poker is on its way

Fourteenth tournament of FTOPS is announced to start in a few weeks. The guaranteed prize constitutes $16 million dollars. There will be approximately 25 events during the whole tournament. You may already see advertising campaign online telling some basic fact that you will be most interested in.

The buy-ins are $0.50 of 50 Full Tilt points which might seem to be a very small prize to pay for chance to win $16 000 000. Six times you will have the chance to win $1 000 000 as six events have been prepared with main prize of $1 mln.

FTOPS XIV is planned to set off with a $216 6-max hold’em on the fourth of November with approximately $1 mln in cash prizes.

Sunday $250 000 tournament from Titan Poker

Its time for the regular weekend tournament from Titan Poker to set off in a few hours. The guaranteed revenue constitutes $250 000 and you still have some hours to search for the satellites in case you are not willing to pay $300+$20 to sign up for the event.

All the participants will be playing a No Limit Texas Hold’em with 5000 starting chip stack and 10 players per each table. Blinds will be moving with interval of 15 minutes.

To gain more information please visit Titan Poker official web site and register to take part in the tournament. Registration is free and doesn’t take long.

WPT’s second day brings results of the new structure

The Main event of the Fests al Lago WPT underwent changes in the structure of the tournament with the $15 000 of the revenue for the most skilled player. The new structure provided each player with 60 000 chips to start playing and another innovative step was to allow new players to register in the tournament till the middle of the contest. The second day brought another 35 players to participate in the even, making the total number of the gamblers equal to 275.

Despite the fact that the tournament is not that big, the number of players, who are still coming to the event, has greatly increased and is much greater than the managers have expected. This fact is mostly the result of a strong advertising campaign all over the net.

The prize pool has been raised up to $4 000 000 by the quantity of the players. Most active players will be awarded with a worthy cash prize. The winner will take home $1 218 225 and other will be illegible for a $23 855. The exact quantity of the winners is limited by 27 persons.

Third day even started today at 12 00 at the gorgeous Bellagio.

Vegas Partner Lounge Announces of a donation it plans to make

The group ahs already made several charity contributions to a number of funds and 2009 will not be the exception. They plan to gather funds this year to donation purposes. Managers promise 25% of all bets to be saved for the special inner fund the amount from which will be transferred as a donation to the corresponding facilities. The destination has not been defined yet but the exact organization which will receive the donation funds will be announced on December 1st.

It was stated that three most popular games were agreed to be share 25% of their revenue for aids purposes. The games are – Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword, Thunderstruck and Kung Fu Monkey. While playing the visitors automatically make donation.

War Game now available in at Cherry Red Casino

Everyone knows this game. It is very simple and too interesting to be left outside the gambling world of online casinos. Now you can have a chance to battle someone at Cherry red Casino.

The rules are quite simple. You take a card from the top of the task and your opponents do the same. The winner is the one whose card is higher. Online version provided in the casino is an accurate copy of this one.

The goal here is to beat the dealer’s card and not to gain hold of the whole pack of playing cards. The dealer plays against you and you have to beat his card. That’s it. The maximum bet amount constitutes $250 and the card is given only after you place your bet for the new round.

Online Casinos have been trying hard to bring more visitors lately and the idea of providing good old games should prove to be a great advertising campaign as millions of people will strive to sign up to have a few battles.

Reading the Small-Print

The internet is awash with a massive selection of tempting casino bonuses. If you’re an avid gamer it can be hard to avoid the temptation to take online casinos up on these potentially lucrative offers. There’s also no reason you shouldn’t as using casino bonuses is one of the most effective ways to overcome the house advantage.

However, to avoid disappointment when attempting to cash in online casino bonuses it is important to read the fine print offered by the casino you are joining. Understanding the rules applied to online bonuses can save both time and money and enhance your enjoyment of the exciting world of online gaming.

1. Read the Terms & Conditions
Every casino offer on the internet is required to have a link to the terms and conditions of the casino offer. If you’re the type of person who avoids small print, now’s the time to overcome this habit. Terms & Conditions clauses have important information on which regions and countries don’t qualify for bonuses, whether or not promo codes are required to unlock the bonus, as well as the consequences of using the bonus.

2. What to look out for
One of the most important things to look out for in a casino bonus is a turnover requirement. Many casinos will require you to turnover your balance several times before you can withdraw funds if you have made use of a casino bonus. While casinos rarely require players to turnover their balance more than 6 times, certain conditions such as player location and currency used to bet can lead to a 50x turnover requirement – a tall order for even the most skilled gamer.

If you read the small print you’ll reap bigger profits more often and avoid the frustration of missing out on a bonus or having your funds locked up in an online casino account.

Kentucky supreme court solving case with online Casino domen names

The issue is risen due to the fact that the court had misused the old meaning of the statute regarding gambling, mainly “gambling device” and turned its attention to domen names of the Online Casinos.

This fact had huge impact on local online entertainment facilities as more than 140 casinos risk to lose their domens and in case the court wins the precedents on this grounds will immediately spread all over the world.

The main cause of his hunt is the fact that the companies are illegal and provide illegal gambling services but the attorney insists on the fact that there is no law which could ban the online gambling in the state.

No more progressive jackpots from online Casinos

Last three months were very helpful for all gamblers from all casinos and it was only lazy one who didn’t take the chance to win his cut out of more than $4 000 000 provided in progressive jackpots.

Dark times have come for gamblers to face the dull uninteresting casino games as it’s been a while since a gambler was teased with a fine jackpot. Online Casinos have changed their strategy after the line of progressive jackpots.

Table games were most profitable due to frequent winnings but progressive slots had bigger jackpots. The largest jackpot won by one man constitutes enormous pile of cash, mainly $1,261,887.00!

Another week is coming to an end with 2 days of online entertainment to please the gamblers. But the question is if the gamblers will be pleased as they can be left with nothing third time in row like two weekends before.

We’ll see what surprises online casinos hide in their long sleeves while teasing players with absolute nothing if we talk about jackpots.

English harbor receives 4 new online games

Online casino named English harbour accepts American gamblers and Casinos which practice the same policy have to work hard to attract and keep American players interested. The solution is quite simple. They have either to held frequent tournaments with multiple bonuses or provide new games to the players.

This is the case with the English Harbour Casino. They have 4 new games which they are happy to provide to their visitors: The Reel Deal Slots game, Safari, Supermarket and Winter Wonderland. The games have been installed already, so everyone is welcome to try them out.

New players will be granted a 100% bonus up to $800. English harbour has been afloat for more than it takes to prove the responsible attitude and gain reputation of a fair gambling Casino.

For more information please visit the official site of the English Harbour Casino.

German Online Casino Ban threatened

German Government prohibited online Casinos for the whole its territory and the only gambling entertainment the citizens can afford is horse racing. The ban actually contradicts the political views of the EU but this fact was of no importance and had little effect on the ban. Today they have one state comprising Germany which demands for this ban to be ended. The state leaders claim that in case if the national ban is not moved or reconsidered they will have to look for the internal solutions like interstate gambling licensing.

Anyway their supplications will be heard as the present treaty banning online casino will no longer be valid after 2012 and the German Monopoly will be left unprotected though the government has several times won the right to keep the closed gambling monopoly on German territory on the grounds of consumer protection, gambling victims issues which are easily solved when you have one system instead of out-of-control multiple entertainment organizations seeking for easy revenue.