No more progressive jackpots from online Casinos

Last three months were very helpful for all gamblers from all casinos and it was only lazy one who didn’t take the chance to win his cut out of more than $4 000 000 provided in progressive jackpots.

Dark times have come for gamblers to face the dull uninteresting casino games as it’s been a while since a gambler was teased with a fine jackpot. Online Casinos have changed their strategy after the line of progressive jackpots.

Table games were most profitable due to frequent winnings but progressive slots had bigger jackpots. The largest jackpot won by one man constitutes enormous pile of cash, mainly $1,261,887.00!

Another week is coming to an end with 2 days of online entertainment to please the gamblers. But the question is if the gamblers will be pleased as they can be left with nothing third time in row like two weekends before.

We’ll see what surprises online casinos hide in their long sleeves while teasing players with absolute nothing if we talk about jackpots.

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