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Ildebrando Pugliesi – was born in 1980 in Apple Valey, MN, USA. Today he is happily married, adores his wife and two little daughters. His Italian background and hot temper made him a poker fan from the early years of his life. After graduating from Crossroads College, MN, and receiving a prestigious job in Councelling Psychology he started playing poker professionally. Ildebrando enjoys improving his poker skills and sharing ideas about it.

Stunning News From Virgin Casino: Wild Gambler Online Slot

You might think that all 20 paylines video slots are very much the same. Fortunately, Virgin Casino manages to give its players another surprise – meet brand new Wild Gambler online slot.  You might remember that Virgin Casino is an official licensed gambling establishment regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. Thrilling African Safari theme introduces zebra, leopard, rhino, flamingo and lion symbols. No doubts, Lion is the Wild symbol here. You will like lovely animation that appears when you hit winning combinations. In addition to that all high value card symbols are presented in the designs of your favorite African animals.

What makes Wild Gambler from Virgin Casino absolutely special is an innovative “Lock and Spin” feature. Now players have a possibility to lock Wild symbols till the next spin (the locked wild symbols stay at their places), but they have to pay the cost displayed on the screen. If you thinks of it, each wild symbol increases the chance of winning round sums of money. Do not be surprised to see that the cost is different each time depending on the number of wilds and their location. You can reject using this feature if you do not think that caging your Lion is appropriate at the moment.

What is important, you cannot spend too much money – if the cost is too high, a warning appears on the screen to inform the player. You can always reduce the cost of the feature by pressing the down arrow and eliminating some locked Wilds. Do not worry – it is you who chooses the best symbol combinations.

Wild Gambler also boasts of a free spins bonus game – look for Meerkats showing letters at the bottom of the screen. When you see 5 letters reading ‘BONUS’, it means the free spins bonus feature is activated and you can try it. You receive 8 free spins and you are at the same stake that you had when free spins were triggered. Attention! Your free spins cannot be re-triggered. If you had any Wilds on the screen they will be locked for all your free spins and it will cost you no money. Any new Wilds that appear during free spins also get automatically locked. As a result you receive fantastic payouts in the last few free spins.

Wild Gambler offers its fans the best return of 97.0%, which makes this online slot absolutely fascinating. Wild Gambler is absolutely affordable – the minimum bet is 0.01 credits. If you are ready for big stakes, choose the maximum bet of 200 credits. The maximum payout you can win is 75,000 credits – the slot is definitely worth trying!

Young New Zealander is now sure that Mom is not always right

Christopher Small, a 24-year-old NZ student had been a regular at PokerStars for the past three years making some pocket money and dreaming of incredible winnings. His family was strongly displeased with their son’s passion and considered him to have a gambling dependency. Chris persisted in his desire to become rich through online poker and continued playing.

About 1 am in late July, 2011 the guy’s prayers were heard when Chris was playing $0.10/$0.25 six-max No Limit Hold’em on incredible 24 tables simultaneously with five other people. The lucky fellow had been dealt into the site’s 65-billionth hand and suddenly became $68 420 richer.

Excited Chris happened to hit a big jackpot for his winning hand because PokerStars rewards every 5 billionth hand played on the site. The following prize target is 70 billion hand and the grandest even of all will be PokerStars’ Mega Milestone 100 billionth hand. Elated NZ student does not share his ideas if he is going to try and hit another jackpot!

Fancy bingo doing it wrong

Being quite young on the market Fancy bingo feel quite confident about its advertisement politics and you can tell that by the remarkably outstanding offers they’ve been promoting to attract players to their slots. With just 5$ bonus on your account you could start playing and it appeared so that a number of players were lucky enough to win stunning amounts on the free bonuses. Those were the lucky moments till they found out that the winning actually is not considered to be yours unless you place a minimum deposit. Now you know that reading rules first might make your day. It is said that players fall under a 100 pounds win limit until they place a deposit to play on.

Apart from this players should provide their IDs to the system. Fancy bingo is asking for card’s scans as well but it is not obligatory as you should read the policy first to be sure that you will be playing here.

Playtech Celebrates the Start of New Year

An additional eleven percent bonus on any first deposit will soon be offered to all new players at Playtech-powered online casinos, and The new promotion will run throughout January as a celebration of the start of 2011.

A welcome bonus at comes to $3,000, at – to $4,000 and at – to 2,400, and this bonus is given in addition to the limited-time eleven percent promotion.

To get the bonus, players need to contact their casino’s customer support team by phone, e-mail or chat with the bonus code 2011.

Facebook and Gaming

Bwin Interactive is reported to have recently launched a game for enthusiasts of online casinos and Real Madrid on Facebook. The game, called “Raise up the 10th” gives players a chance to become a part of the team, as they will be able to create their own individualized cyber-players who will accomplish various tasks, answer quizzes, as well as obtain ranking and experience.

Facebook users will not only engage in virtual reality, but they will also be able to win a wide variety of real prizes, including two tickets to the finals of the champion League at Wembley Stadium, London; packages for Champions League games and signed or personalized Real Madrid items. In addition to real prizes, statements, games forecasts and messages will also come from Real Madrid stars.

Lithuania’s Gambling Market Expands

Intralot Interactive got priceless connections inside Lithuania’s online casinos and the internet gambling sector in the country by signing an agreement with Lithuania’s lottery operator, Olifeja.

According to the agreement, Intralot will provide Olifeja with a complete set of online casino games like keno, bingo and poker, player management systems and application integration framework. Besides, Intralot will also serve as Olifeja’s provider of scratch lottery and instant titles.

The deal is absolutely a great business opportunity for both companies.

Arrests in Japan

The idea of possibility to regulate the global online casino gambling industry hit the Japanese government once, at the time of global economic recession, though the idea was never materialized, thus leaving internet gambling illegal in Japan.

Illegal is still taking place in the country, that’s why the arrest of three individuals accused in participation in an illegal online casino gambling ring has been surprising. The ring has been under investigation for quite some time, but the portable nature of the online casinos and the industry as a whole made it hard for police to pinpoint them. The illegal online casino let the minors play and wager at the sites without any age checks and safeguards.

However, there is one point the police are not sure about: what to do with the nine internet gamblers who were gambling at these sites.

Bans and Regulations

Practice of banning online casinos has proven to be ineffective in a number of countries where illegal online gambling is thriving.  Despite the fact that the banning policy is ineffective, countries don’t want to admit the defeat and abandon bans.

The USA have made one of the first attempts to create gambling regulations, however, the controversial system didn’t prove to be a success.

Russia was the next country on the list who considered the issue, but the major concern for the government was the well developed land gambling industry rather than online. The land venues were pushed out of the cities, thus causing the appearance of an underground land market complimented by unregulated internet gambling.

Now, Australia and China are trying some blocks that are not working either. Ineffective monopolies can also be found in some European countries. However, the solution is clear: site regulation and licensing.

Revolutionary Product from is introducing a new easy-to-use site which is claimed to improve poker gambling experience of thousands of players. is a fully integrated online poker platform with hand tracking and analysis, video and written educational tools such as strategy and coaching.

To play, existing at players need to register for free at before each of the subsequent cash game hands. After that players get a personalized report card on the quality of their play. Moreover, players can drill down through their statistics to get more details on their game. And all of that is free.

Another Five Get Licensed in France

Eventually, the second round of licensing has recently been released by the French government and that means that French players will have five more gambling sites to choose from. The newly licensed in France online casino betting sites are ChiliPoker, FriendBet, PokerStars, LuckyJeux and Party Gaming.

Numerous attempts of the European Commission to make France comply with the EU requirements have finally succeeded. The country has recently launched new gambling regulations. Of course, they are still too far from the ideal, but they are much better than the monopoly that was in place previously.

It is believed that France will initiate another licensing round of sites, but the process will take some time. However, more online casino betting sites will be able to legally operate in France.