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888 Announces Full-Year Results

888 Holdings has reported its excellent performance throughout the year of 2008. The company explains their success thanks to the employment of sound growth strategy.

Their pre-tax profits are up 6%. The company’s revenues rose to Euro 135.1 million – it comes to a 14% increase in annual revenues from the site in 2007. As for internet poker, 888 did not perform that well. A 4% drop in revenues is being noticed.

As for the compay’s performance in 2009, 888 is rather optimistic, despite the slowing economy and lower Q1 profits.

888 Hopes to Build a Successful New Division of the Company

This year lots of gambling companies, including 888 Holdings, are planning to expand their white labeling operations.

The start of 2009 seems to be rather busy for the company. A new licensing deal to open a white lable casino with the racing industry newspaper has been recently announced. The company is said to be given Dragonfish brand that is to operate under the cloak of the 888 Holdings brand, but it is believed to identify its own brand in the online gambling market as well. At the moment Dragonfish is offering a complete brand of business-to-business transactions. Presents a Complex and Strategic Slot Machine has announced the addition of the new, seventh already, Vegas Mania five-reel and 21 pay-line game to the titles already available at – its sister site.

The new title gives players up to fifteen free spins. With the wild symbols, players’ chances to win increase. Double Wilds act similarly, but in addition to that they double up any winnings.

The new addition is considered to be a high stakes game, with a total maximum bet of $84 per spin. However, it must be metioned that the title could potentially give back up to 3,000 times players’ wagered amount. Besides, Vegas Mania is also kown thanks to its progressive jackpot pool.

Better Bet Has Pulled the Advertising Campaign

Oly a few days after the end of the advertisig campaign where the former Arsenal and Asto Villa player Paul Merson becam a new face, Better Bet announced they were pulling the campaign, as the firm had received lots of complaints.

The reason for that turned became the fact that Paul had addictions to alcohol, drugs and gambling in the past. It’s been revealed that Merson had kicked his addictions to alcohol and drugs but was still fighting his gambling addiction.

During the campaign Merson was meeting customers, signing autographs and many other things, but he never had any complaints unless the campaign was over.

Better Bet would not want Paul Merson to see it in the way that they did not want work with him, but they would like to work with Merson in the future.

This Deal will Enhance CryptoLogic’s Results

Brian Hadfield, CryptoLogic’s President and CEO said: ‘Players consistently mention that CryptoLogic has the world’s best Internet casino software and it’s exciting to see that major operators share their confidence in our games’.

As a result of the multi-year deal, CryptoLogic will provide ten of their slot games to Gala Coral.,, are supposed to receive the games later in 2009.

Riva Gaming Joins the Mobile Gambling Industry

It has already been noticed that mobile gaming has started growing parallel to the online casino gambling industry. More and more users, online casinos, poker sites and bingo companies announce they are moving into the mobile industry. And it is natural, as the market has a great potential growth. People can play their favorite games from mobile devices in almost every part of the world.

Trying to remain competitive in the market, Riva Gaming is about to offer mobile gaming to its customers. Million 2-1 has been chosen as the new mobile bingo software provider, and it is already in the process of launching a brand new mobile gaming experience for Riva Gaming customers.

Perfect Market for Expansion

The online casino gambling market is developing in Eastern Europe at a great speed. Having enetered the European Union, such countries like Croatia, Slovenia, Czech, Bulgaria and others have already felt the significant change in every sphere of the life including online casino gambling and betting.

The change comes from the liberal approach towards internet gambling industry throughout the EU.  The state governments are looking for the ways to get money into the country’s budgets, and in this respect online casino gambling is very helpful. Online gambling regulation can be safe and can be regulated, what has already been proven by the UK.  So, regulation of the online gambling industry in Eastern European countries will definitely help them get more profits.

Another Happy Family History

Have you ever thought of inheriting a lucky gene from your parent? It is the thing the seems to have happened in a British family hwen two memebers of the family have hit huge progressive jackpots on within nine months of each other.

The father hit more than $763,000 almost ten months ago, while the son following the father’s steps won even more – he was paid out $2,122,213.82.

The family did not want their personal information to be released to the public.

The Gold Mega Jackpot at Party Casino is already building up, so another lucky player has a chance to hit it.

Get Ready for Online Bingo Summit

The first Online Bingo Summit took place in 2006. It attracted 85 companies. Nearly three years have passed since then, however the Summit this year is believed to attract over 350 companies.

The Online Bingo Summit will take place on June 16 – 17, 2009 at the Gloucester Hotel in Kensington, London, UK. Bingo room operators and webmasters will be able to form new partnerships, find the information required for updates and a technical section highlighting new forms of online wagering. Besides, attendees can also participate in some fun networking parties.