Perfect Market for Expansion

The online casino gambling market is developing in Eastern Europe at a great speed. Having enetered the European Union, such countries like Croatia, Slovenia, Czech, Bulgaria and others have already felt the significant change in every sphere of the life including online casino gambling and betting.

The change comes from the liberal approach towards internet gambling industry throughout the EU.  The state governments are looking for the ways to get money into the country’s budgets, and in this respect online casino gambling is very helpful. Online gambling regulation can be safe and can be regulated, what has already been proven by the UK.  So, regulation of the online gambling industry in Eastern European countries will definitely help them get more profits.

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Jesika Stoun – was born in 1978 in Worchester, England, UK, in a very religious family. Now she is happily married to a professional poker player. In 1998 he had to enter the University of Worcester and study aerobiology. Having received her diploma four years later the young lady was happy to become independent from her relatives. She moved to Portland and finally indulged in what she really enjoyed – playing poker, sweepstakes etc.