Monthly Archives: September 2010

New Agreements, Mutual Benefits

With the constantly growing interest of players to online gambling, the online gambling market is growing too. Gaming companies try to satisfy the growing demands. They offer new products, develop technologies and sign new licensing agreements.

Inspired Gaming is the company with niche interest in virtual racing products (speedway racing, horse and greyhound racing and motor racing). Recently the company has signed two new major licensing agreements with Paddy Power, a growing force for betting in the UK market, and Victor Chandler – one of the best known names in betting. Both companies believe that the racing software of Inspired Gaming  will become a great compliment to the products they already offer.

Long Anticipated German Ruling

German laws regarding online casino gambling industry were not consistent and systematic. The country had a monopoly  and would have run it for two more years had it not been for the High Court’s ruling on Germany which means that online casino gambling and betting reform are a must for the country at the moment.

Now EU countries know the boundaries lines of their control when passing new internet gambling laws. Besides, the ECJ is supposed to rule in favor of more inclusive regulation what means that countries have to prove that monopolies and bans do really help to keep their citizens in safety.

So, the present ruling in Germany gives betting companies a good chance to access German players.

Censorship in Israel

The online casino gambling industry has been banned in Israel for years already, however, at the moment the Israeli government are taking new and serious steps to keep the internet gambling sites away from the country.

The new implemented ISP blocks are of little danger for the global internet community. The fear is that these blocks may soon turn into a form of internet censorship in the country. The brightest example of how the country can keep everything under control is China, the country with the longstanding history of news and political information censorship.

Another side of the implementation of these blocks is that they create more savvy internet gambling companies who always find other ways to access the players.

Belgium Plans to Change Gambling Laws

Amendments in the law regarding online casinos are expected to take place soon in Belgium. They are supposed to limit and restrict certain online casino activities from some operators in the country. Officials claim that they don’t  have any intentions to monopolize the industry, but only to protect the main interest of the public.

The amendments are supposed to get serious inquiry and evaluation if they are legal and comply with EU laws first, however, the EU Commission has already received numerous complaints from opposing bodies.

Way to Success

What does it take for an online gambling site to become recognized? It is more than showing up for gambling. The road to success is not paved with the site content only, but software package, look and feel of the brand have a huge impact too. And, still, it cannot guarantee success. The latest fads such as social media and chat functions, diversity of products and features are ectremely important as well. These fundamental elements definitely help online casino and betting sites bring new players to their sites and further develop as a brand.

The Best from the Best

Microgaming is a is a software development leader serving the global gaming market. The company doesn’t run the gambling sites, but actually provides them with top quality and up to the minute in terms of technology and industry expectations games.

Microgaming software platform and games are considered the most favorite and innovative games in the market. Gaming sites choose the company as a software provider thanks to the backend ease of licensing a Microgaming platform, and that definitely makes Microgaming stand out as the top af all the software development companies. Licensing deals with the movie and media companies have also helped Microgaming achieve the top.

Mircogaming always delivers games beyond expectations.