Long Anticipated German Ruling

German laws regarding online casino gambling industry were not consistent and systematic. The country had a monopoly  and would have run it for two more years had it not been for the High Court’s ruling on Germany which means that online casino gambling and betting reform are a must for the country at the moment.

Now EU countries know the boundaries lines of their control when passing new internet gambling laws. Besides, the ECJ is supposed to rule in favor of more inclusive regulation what means that countries have to prove that monopolies and bans do really help to keep their citizens in safety.

So, the present ruling in Germany gives betting companies a good chance to access German players.

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Paul Greefin – was born in 1975 in waterford, Ireland. Being a very creative person, Paul decided to enter the prestigious University of London study art there. In 2001 he graduated and started his career as a writer of articles about modern art for layman. One of his colleagues made him interested in gambling and now Paul is a good poker player dreaming of entering a professional league.