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Interactive Gaming Enters New Level

Amuso Bingo has announced the launch of a new bingo gaming site operating on NYX Interactive software platform. The site is based on the same concept as the popular UK show – the Weakest Link.

The launch of the site has been very well received by internet bingo players, so the deal between Amuso, owning The Weakest Link, and the Bonnier Gaming’s Cashball, a bingo gaming company, to launch the newly branded bingo site is already paying off.

Massachusetts’ Resident Breaks the Law

Todd Lyons, Massachusetts’ resident, has been charged by federal authorities for illegal Internet gambling operations. Todd Lyons is reported to be the first person from that state to be charged with breaking the rules as provided by the UIGEA.

Lyons was arrested for his connection as the prime representative in Massachusetts of Sports Offshore, an Antiguan bookmaking operation. He was charged with money laundering, racketeering and operating an illegal gambling business. He’s been released on $200,000 bail. He should appear in court on June 21st and is about to face 20 years in prison for each of the main counts.

Luck is Random, Prize is Real

Anyone who constantly plays online casino games admits that despite long hours of work and a few losses, the price that you finally can get often turns out to be well above expectations. Mega Jackpots, an online casino slot machine, can be the one to bring you luck and a jackpot that has recently reached 2.5 million pounds.

Mega Jackpot brand includes such slots like Cleopatra, Cludeo or Monopoly, and playing any of them you can win the record breaking jackpot which is still growing. No one knows when the jackpot will be awarded, but a lucky player can be you. But before betting any money, players can try a free play on a number of other slots.

Mega Jackpots is located at Kerching Online Casino which provides service for the UK players. If you want to get a chance to win 2.5 million pounds, sign up with Keching.

Bet365 Gains Attention Again

Bet365 is reported to have made a list of the UK’s top 100 companies in terms of profit growth.

And Bet365 is the third on this list. The company claims to have their profit increased by 138%% over the past three years. Thus, in 2006 its profit came to GBP 5.2 million, while in 2009 it totaled to GBP 70.8 million.

The company’s headquarters is located out of Etruria, Staffordshire. 800 employees run its international facing online casino gambling and betting services.

Tibboh Offers Web Content Filtering

Tibboh, one of the key Internet Service Providers in the UK, has recently announced a plan of web contact filtering to fight the problem of underage gambling. Tibboh plans to go through billions of sites and classify them based on their topics. Then, having a rating, parents will get a chance to block the unwanted pages from their home computers without a password.

The rating is said to be based on appropriate age – from U to 18. Users logged into Facebook with a set ID can then be blocked from online casino and dangerous sites using internet filters.

Tibboh claims that this system intended for use by parents with underage children will not be used in masse without the permission of UK households.

Freedom of Speech or Separation?

There have been some concerns lately about the fact that Ladbrokes, the UK online casino gambling company, has decided to get involved in the UK political scene by schowcasing the company’s opinion on how UK citizens should vote in the upcoming elections.

The question is if the internet gambling companies should be separated from politics. Staying out of politics, certainly, doesn’t give freedom of speech, however, there are some people who believe that the online casino sites should remain clear of politics.

It needs to be noted that Ladbrokes has merely expressed an opinion, and the company’s adds are tactful. To say more, there is no way to keep online casinos from expressing their opinion, as long as the adds stay within the guidelines.

Be Alert

Online casino gamblers need to be aware of the risks when they download software from the internet.

Symantec, one of the biggest names in computer software security and anti-virus protection, has recently released a notice to consumers saying that fake security software is one of the number one types of cyber crime on the internet right now. Gamblers know that they might be at risk while playing online, but what they don’t realize is that the easiest way to get into your computer is by having you install the software yourself.

Semantec suggests that gamers should make sure that they have a very strong and well known antivirus software running on. Don’t impose yourself to the risk of getting a virus onto the computer by downloading some unknown program.

The Philippine Gaming Market Gains Strength

PhilWeb Corp, a company operating the bulk of all legal online casino gambling in the Philippines, is reporting good profit and growth for the first quarter of the year. The Q1 profits have shown a 42% increase over the same quarter last year.

PhilWeb has been doing incredibly well this year, and mainly thanks to the games at Pagcor – one of the largest gaming companies powered by PhilWeb. As a result, the two companies have manages to create a strong subsector of the market. In addition to that, new PEGS café operations launch games throughout the Philippines attracting new players and bringing new revenue.

PhillWeb is expecting the profits to grow throughout the year of 2010 and likely over the next several years as well.

Dragonfish Completes a Lucrative Deal

Dragonfish has announced a new deal with an independent division of 888 Holdings – Prime Gaming. As a result of the deal, Prime Gaming can offer a full bingo gaming platform for internet bingo sites interested in the high quality Dragonfish name and the superb backend player management options. Dragonfish and Prime Gaming will now work together to power several of Prime’s online casino bingo gaming brands.

The Dragonfish bingo gambling network has noticeably grown over the past year. Now, it powers a full 19 different stand alone bingo gambling networks, which is equal to more than 60 online casino bingo brands in operation under the Dragonfish bingo platform.

New Slots Games in the Market

CTZM, a software development company, is releasing two new slots: a World Cup Soccer Spins game and Battleground Spins game devoted to the military theme.

Online slots players playing the World Cup game will get everything what you could expect from the game with this theme. All the slots symbols will reflect the theme of the game. You may even get a penalty round on the game.

The Battleground Spins game has graphics akin to the comic books, and a lot of the fun features and extras are also designed to go along with that comic book concept. In addition to that you will have gun and battles, spins and bonuses, and a lot more.