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Market Development

Being a dynamic industry, online casino gambling industry has to change and adapt its products and technologies on a daily basis. In a year you may not even recognize your favorite gaming site.

In conditions of the reviving economy, lots of sites are getting a makeover to be able to operate in the highly competitive market. Live dealer gaming, new graphics technology and some more things are expected to be launched soon across all the sites in the industry. However, the sites don’t forget about new developments, programs and special features either.

Estonia doesn’t Care Operators Lose Revenue

New regulations in Estonia have blocked a list of online casinos from entering Estonian market until 2011. Bwin, Full Tilt, Party Poker, PokerStars and Unibet are among those companies on the list.

It’s for sure that the companies who have been struggling for fair entry into monopolized gambling markets, like Bwin for example, will leave it like that. However, the Estonian government will fine the companies that are not compliant with the list of blocked sites, and, moreover, some officials threaten that the companies might not get legal licensing when the time comes.

The Estonian block is claimed to be temporary, and foreign gambling sites will be able to access the market in 2011.

Winners Can be Generous

Acts of kindness are very rare in our everyday life, especially among the winners of online gambling and lotteries. However, GBP 56 million winnings do not often happen either, so it makes sense to be kind with the winnings of this size.

GBP 56 million lottery win has become the largest lottery win in the UK. And Nigel Page and Justine Laycock who turned out to be those lucky multimillion winners decided to share their win with their housekeeper of 20 years by giving hr their $400,000 house.

The family is moving into their new GBP 4 million house, but the amazing thing is that their loyal housekeeper is going to stay with the couple and keep on working on them.

Gateway for Online Casinos in SA

In spite of the fact that regulations for online casino gambling are still in development in the South Africa, there are already some online gambling companies in the market that establish a foundation for the future growth of the industry in the region.

Victor Chandler and Ladbrokes are two of the major online casino gambling companies that would like to enter the market should the South African government pass the necessary regulations.

With the World Cup approaching, betting (which is inevitable and legal) is believed to become very active in South Africa and turn into the gateway for the online casinos.

The NFL Against Internet Betting

At the moment there are several groups in the USA that try to do their best so that the controversial UIGEA remained in effect, however there is one group among them that surprises people – it is the National Football league that spends millions of dollars on banning internet gambling. The NFL claims that legalization of online casinos will inevitably result in match fixing and other issues.

It must be noted that in reality the NFL is protecting its own interests and it is all about money. Regulation will not change the process of gambling, but it will give gamblers the opportunity to practice sports betting and wagering at a safe venue.

New Partnership Opens New Opportunities

Having signed a sponsorship deal with BoyleSports, the leading Irish bookmaker, is now able to provide their viewers with various exciting gambling information and bookmakers with the opportunity to communicate with a large audience of bettors and sports enthusiasts.

The logo of BoyleSports will appear on studio backdrops and graphics what will result for sure in significant contribution of odds and markets to running live for two hours six days a week.

Women Against Ban in Australia

Looking for an effective way to block online casinos and child pornography, Australian censors decided to block nudity involving small breasted women. According to the censors, small breasted women simulate child pornography what definitely makes them a part of the online casino and child pornography in the country.

Censorship is a controversial thing on its own, and no wonder that several women’s groups all over the world are discussing if the Australian censors have taken this situation too far. However, others think that it is a just and effective way to ban online casinos.

Who Corners the Market in the Balkans?

Balkan Bet will soon be offering a gambling site operating on the Microgaming Poker Network and featuring   a range of games from betting to poker and other sectors of the industry.

Balkan Bet is powered by a variety of gaming services including Wagerworks and Orbis and no wonder it is offering different types of gaming experiences.

As the Balkans is a fast developing region with a growth potential and very little competition at the present moment, Balkan Bet has a good chance now to establish itself at the foundation level of the market.

Gameplan Can Make Gambling Responsible

The Responsible Gaming Device marketed as Gameplan and  introduced to the market by Canadian gaming company TechLink presents a real chance for problem gamblers to control their urges and keep gambling looses under control.

At the moment the device is designed for the use at land casinos, however, it may turn out to be useful for online casino sites as well.

The plug-and-play device can track wagers and results and gives the operator choices to keep the gaming experience safe. The device, running a money management program, lets limit losses in a given time period or bar play either at all or after a certain period of time.

Once the software is installed, the device can be plugged into any machine that will further exchange information with the host machine and set the terms of play for that individual player.

The devise is now being studied by the Internet Gaming Study Committee, and the effectiveness of the device has very has chances to be recommended  for standardized usage.

Find Out with What is the life of an AC Milan Player’s players have a real chance to experience a day in the life of an AC Milan player. Being an official sponsor of an Italian football side, has launched this special promotion allowing users to experience the moments before and during an official UEFA Champions League game.

A user after uploading a picture at and providing a name, can become a member of the team and appear in different situations. As soon as a decisive goal is scored by a user, the video closes. So, the first phase is over.

The second phase features a live event at AC Milan’s training centre. 22 winners from the first phase will take part in the second phase and experience a day in the life of a professional football player.

The participants will be present at a press conference with the official welcome and the traditional jersey handover.

The winners are also said to be greeted by soccer stars and enjoy a training session with the Serie A squad.