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CryptoLogic Tops in the Industry

Despite of all the rumors circulating round CryptoLogic, company’s gaming platform is still considered to be one of the best in the industry.

The acquisition of a powerful new licensee, Totesport, is latest company’s announcement. Totesport is a huge UK brand, and thanks to the new licensing deal Totesport will be able to offer six of CryptoLogic’s most popular games and boost the existing Totesport wagering platform.

It is known that Totesport has also been having hard times. So, becoming CryptoLogic’s licensee has tuned into an effort to strengthen and reestablish the Tote brand in the UK.

Do You Gamble Responsibly?

There are lots of anti-internet gambling arguments, and usage of credit cards to gamble is one of them.

More and more people nowadays tend to use their credit cards to gamble which naturally rises the question if the online gambling sites facilitate debt for many gamblers. Of course, lots of gamblers use their credit cards responsibly and play within their limits, however, there is an opinion that by allowing internet gamblers to use their credit cards to make deposits online, internet gambling sites encourage debt.

Internet gambling sites treat responsible gambling as their key component, that is way this question has turned out to be really a moral dilemma for lots of them. And what do you think? Share your opinion with us.

A Level Playing Field for Internet Gambling Market?

The UK gambling Act of 2005 has been in place for several years already. It has created a gambling market allowing companies freedom and access to the market, as well as outlined regulations to control the internet gambling industry.

However, with the Gambling Act in action, they’ve got some complaints coming from the UK online casino gambling groups. In their opinion, the Act gives foreign registered companies unfair advantages over the UK Companies (the UK White list and the taxation of the online gambling industry are the major concerns). In view of the numerous complaints, the UK’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport is going to conduct a study to review the effectiveness of the Gambling Act. And as soon as the study is completed (it is supposed to be conducted by the beginning of 2010), the Parliament will consider the results.

Online Sports Betting is Stll Lucrative in the US

The American football season is about to begin, as well as the season of betting on favorite teams and players.

Americans love football, and their love has naturally been transferred to the online casinos for a betting opportunity.

Though, online casino sports betting is illegal in the US, Americans keep betting during the college football season.

This season seems to be a hard time for the analysts at the sports books in terms deciding the odds, as the football teams are playing relatively even. So far there is no clue which team will become a winner. Hopefully, online casino sports bettors this year will see a different picture with the season’s progression.

Bingo Markets Grow

Now, players can finally enjoy the popular online bingo venue of launched in Spanish and Italian versions. It is a flash version of the game which means that players don’t have to download the game and can enjoy live bingo, directly from the Internet browser immediately.

Spanish and Italian speaking people can already get customer support 24/7.

Currently Bingo Day is featuring a “Shop Till You Drop”promotion in which players can win £1,000.

Will the Bill Make it Through Congress?

It is a common fact already that problem gambling is one of the issues in the US gaining lots of attention. Hot debates have finally lead to banning internet gambling sites, however, there was very little discussion about how to help gamblers find appropriate treatment and how to prevent problem gambling in general.

The Comprehensive Problem Gambling Act introduced into Congress by Frank Wolf, Lee Terry and Jim Moran and supported by US National Council on Problem Gambling is the first, but very important step in looking for the ways to fund problem gambling education, therapy and treatment measures.

First Move into the Internet Gambling

The European gambling market seems to be becoming bipolar: on the one hand, the European Commission is in the process of negotiation for an open and free European market and, on the other hand, some Eropean countries are actively operating state monopolies, and Finland is one of them.

A semi-autonomous region of Finland has recently announced the launch of the new internet gambling site allowing both downloadable gambling and browser-based gambling. The site to be launched with the help of Net Entertainment is an extension of the Paf’s land gambling monopoly.

Strong reputation of Net Entertainment has been the main reason for Paf’s decision to partner with the internet gambling group, and the deal is supposed to run for four years. Please, note that internet gambling in Finland has been illegal so far, and this deal shows some changes already.

Norway Strengthens Online Casino Gambling Monopoly

The new Norwegian regulations designed to strengthen the state monopoly and block financial transactions with foreign internet casinos are due out in August.

The EU Commission and other EU member states have been in negotiations with Norway, but so far, unsuccessfully.

Still, some experts hope that the situations might change, as the EU Commission is supported by the EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) and the ESA has already sent a warning notification to the Norwegian government in regards to the implkementation og highly questionable laws.

Will South American Market Open it Doors for Foreign Companies

At the conference in Chile, the World Bank expressed its support of the online casino gambling industry. If to be exact, the Bank considers that international trade is much better for both global and national economies that protectionist regulations like those implemented in the US, Chile and other countries.

The World Bank would rather see the countries open their markets to foreign competition than encourage state monopolies, as favoring of local products makes an economy less stable in the long run.

So far, there have been no WTO actions implemented against the USA. However, the World Bank let Chile know that the EU and the WTO are about to come down very hard on the US government.

High Time to Change Regulations

The jurisdiction of Alderney with a strict regylatory regime in place for the licensing of online casinos is considered to be one of the top and most respected ones in the world.

The new licensing framework complying to all of the latest technologies and standards in the internet gambling industry has recently been implemented by the Aldreney Gsmbling Control Commission. The new licensing structure is supposed to design the gambling license around the structure of the gambling company itself.

A lot of changing factors of the online casino gambling industry has been taken into consideration by Alderney’s Gambling Control Commission while creating the new licensing structure with one goal – to provide internet gamblers with ultimate protection.