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Mecom Adds Forms of Online Casino Gambling

Internet is becoming a source of information for more and more people all over the world. No wonder, land newspapers have been undergoing some serious decline over the last decade. Taking into consideration this fact, some news organizations are undertaking some steps connected with their internet activity including “more online news sites, varied single interest sites, investments in the online casinos and within the internet gambling industry”.

Thus, Mecom, a European newspaper group, experiencing growing losses, is about to launch their new internet gambling ventures all over Europe. The group also considers the probability to include lucrative industries like online casinos what is expected to boost company’s profits.

As a matter of fact, Mecom currently has over 200 operating web sites.

Russian Player can Use the Russian Ruble Currency at

The Russian Ruble currency is the newest addition of the online casino that is supposed to increase casino’s group of Russian players.

The addition follows a long line of similar features such as software in more than ten languages.

The feature is powered by WebMoney, so if players wish to use the Russian Ruble currency, they’ll be able to deposit and withdraw gambling funds without any problems. They won’t have to convert their money prior. Players can request this feature upon sign-up at the online casino or via the software.

The addition of the feature will help the online casino provide Eastern Europe with better services.

U.S. Law Against Online Gambling Evokes Criticism

The law against online gaming advertising recently introduced in the U.S. is receiving much criticism. More over it has intensified after the new developments in the federal case against BetOnSports advertisers that has been in process for about two years.

William Hernan Lenis, William Luis Lenis and Manny Lenis plead guilty in a St. Louis court to their involvement in the advertising of BetOnSports’ sportsbook website, if to be exact the interstate transportation of online gambling merchandise, the transmission of online gaming information and misdemeanor counts.

Between the year 2000 and 2006, Hernan Lenis’ mailing company called “Direct Mail Expertise” distributed around 2 million BetOnSports ads. The family’s attorney claims that they were involved in marketing aspects only. Yet, all three Lenises will be charged in October with jail time.

The Nottingham Trent University Created the Cyberpsychology Degree

Online gambling is getting more and more popular all over the world, so the fact the online gambling industry has a huge impact on the life of people cannot but be taken into consideration. Increased industry awareness and exposure have reached even education. Thus, the Nottingham Trent University launched a new master program that is open to all graduating undergrad students, in the field of “cyberpsychology” – the field of online gambling.

The course will start in October and is to cover such industry aspects as cyber crime, health, education, social networking and artificial intelligence. The university officials believe that a degree in cyberpsychology will be accepted in the online gambling industry which is really in need of educated in the field of gambling people.

The challenging for students course accommodates both previous educational aspects and the online gambling industry’s changing needs. For those students willing to continue their education a PhD program has also been developed.

Poker – a Serious Sport Game?

The game of poker has become very popular in the Czech Republic in the last two years. 60,000 Czechs are said to be playing poker, about 1,000 are organized into 19 official clubs across the country.

Czech newspaper “The Prague Post” has recently reported that members of the national association of poker clubs want poker to be recognized as an official and serious kind of sport. In their opinion, being recognized as a sport, poker will get rid of its image being run by mafia and targeting foreign tourists. Official recognition is believed to cut down on this through state regulation.

Another Online Casino’s TV ad in the UK got the “Ringer”

The UK Gambling Commission and Advertising Standards Authority are keeping their promise to be strict about online casino advertising.

Thus, Wink Bingo’s latest TV ad seemed to be a little too risque for the ASA, as it “could be interpreted as condoning online gambling while in the workplace”. The ad features a maternity nurse at her laptop showing a Wink online bingo jackpot win on the screen. On the background a viewer could see a husband holding a teddy and the legs of his wife who is in labor.

“Find the appropriate moment” is the slogan appearing afterwards on the screen.

As the creators of the ad for Wink admit, the aim of the ad was to distinguish Wink Bingo from other so common online bingo rooms, but not to encourage online gambling at workplaces.

Despite the evident humor, the ad was banned by the ASA, as its slogan could be understood in the wrong way.

Casino Rewards Popular and Successful

The year of 2008 is turning out to be rather successful for Casino Rewards group of online casinos. The number of its players is growing, as well as payouts.

The group is growing. The acquisition of six new online casinos brought the total to 18. In fall Casino Rewards is planning to unveil another new online casino, thus bringing the total to 19.

There are more than 280 games at each casino and different themes. Now, multi-lingual Golden Tiger Casino offers a $1,500 free sign-up bonus and an hour to use to try to win. An hour later a player can use any winning in the casino trying to win the non-stop increasing jackpot.

Why Not Legalize Sportsbook Gambling in Canada?

Having faced a huge decrease in revenues from the casinos, Canadian government considers an opportunity of legalization of sportsbook gambling in the casino.

Currently, sportsbook gambling is illegal in Canada and there are lots of opponents to it who think that it is immoral to take money from problem gamblers. But no one will doubt the fact that not all gamblers are problem gamblers.

We should take into consideration that if sportsbook gambling in the casinos near the U.S. border is legal, there will be more American visitors in Canada what is good for Canada and its casino business.

We must admit that people participate in this activity whether legal or not, and legalizing sportsbook would be beneficial to the government and gamblers as well. With sportsbook gambling corresponding to the given standards, gamblers will be better protected.

Play Slots at Home

Slots machines for many gamblers are the source of fun. And the news that IGT-Wageworks has made it possible for personal gamers to purchase their own land or internet-based slots game that they can use for free cannot but be taken enthusiastically.

On the one hand, the initiative may lessen the thrill of the real-money win, but on the other hand gamblers won’t blow large sums of money.

The games available are company’s most popular titles. They have been designed to deliver real casino experience right to your home.

New Online Casino Offers Action

DoylesRoom is reported to have launched a new online casino where players can enjoy fast-paced live dealer games, video poker, authentic five and three reel slots, arcade slots, baccarat, blackjack, American and European table games.

DoylesRoom Casino also offers record jackpots, with over $6 million up for grabs. The stakes there may range from dimes up to $1,000. The rewarding bonus package adds to the security of the Casino.

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