The Nottingham Trent University Created the Cyberpsychology Degree

Online gambling is getting more and more popular all over the world, so the fact the online gambling industry has a huge impact on the life of people cannot but be taken into consideration. Increased industry awareness and exposure have reached even education. Thus, the Nottingham Trent University launched a new master program that is open to all graduating undergrad students, in the field of “cyberpsychology” – the field of online gambling.

The course will start in October and is to cover such industry aspects as cyber crime, health, education, social networking and artificial intelligence. The university officials believe that a degree in cyberpsychology will be accepted in the online gambling industry which is really in need of educated in the field of gambling people.

The challenging for students course accommodates both previous educational aspects and the online gambling industry’s changing needs. For those students willing to continue their education a PhD program has also been developed.

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About Blackwell Arthur

Arthur Blackwell – was born in a town of Belper, Derbyshire, England, UK. Being a hardworking person, in 1999 he entered De Montfort University, Leicester, and four years later successfully graduated from it and moved to Edmonton. The faculty of business and law made his realize that gambling, especially poker and horse races, are not only a kind of philosophy but a good business, too.