Texas Holdem – General Guidelines

In Texas Holdem player is dealt two cards down as their personal poker hand, after there first betting round comes. Three board cards are simultaneously turned (named the flop.) And another betting round occurs. The following two board cards are individually with betting round ticket after each turn. The board cards are community cards and one player can contain any five-card combination from among the board and personal cards. A player can all of the board cards and personal cards do not even use a hand to form (you play the board). A dealer button is used.
Purpose of Texas Holdem is to collect five best poker hand with any combination of hole cards and community cards and win the pot.

Texas Holdem betting rounds:

1.The dealer deals each player their own two down cards (pocket cards)
2.1. Bets
3.Taking the card dealer then turns three cards to (the flop)
4.2. Bets
5.Taking on the dealer another card then turns 1 more community card
6.3. Bets
7.The dealer turns another card then 1 final community card
9.Showdown (each player shows hand with the regular walue for the first represents)

All players must use one of the following variants when Showdown:
Two pocket cards and three board cards
A pocket card and four board cards
No pocket cards and five board cards (named games of the board)

This is Texas Holdem short guidelines.