New Bingo Rooms to Open

4 new bingo rooms including a 90-ball speed bingo room and a 75-ball pattern bingo room offered by JackpotCity will soon be available for players.

75- and 90-ball bingo rooms are still available. Players can participate in Buy One Get One Free games from Monday to Wednesday between 5pm and 6pm. On Thursdays the prize pools start at $250 and $500 on every half hour. As for Fridays, the prize pool begins at $100 and every hour increases by that much.

The second 90-ball bingo room, called Bob’s Bingo in a Box, is to be open between 12pm and 2 pm every day, and then between 7 pm and 9pm. Tickets start at $0.01. Currently, the jackpot there is worth over $11,000.