A gambling millionaire uses her Bridge card in Michigan

Do you think that gambling or winning a lottery is a solution of all your problems? Well, maybe you are right and you would be absolutely happy to get hold of a lovely round sum of money. But some people manage to remain little niggards even when Lady Fortune smiles upon them. On the 5th of March, 2012 people were reminded of 24-year-old Amanda Clayton who won $1 million from the Michigan State Lottery last autumn.

The lucky thing was spotted using her usual Bridge card to pay for her grocery items. When Clayton was asked why she does it, she replied that she saw nothing special in being a millionaire on welfare! She said she gets $200 each month from taxpayers to foot her food bills because she is still unemployed. What is more, the woman started complaining that after all those taxes she was not a millionaire any longer – they left her a little over $500000. Now Clayton possesses a U-Haul truck and a new luxury house, and with all that she is determined to continue using state funds for buying food.

Many upset taxpayers are planning to turn to Senate to have the low changed and keep people like Clayton from using state funds when 25% of all households do need food assistance.

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