Online Casinos plan to occupy part of Facebook and MySpace space

BWIN – the famous online Casino operator is willing to integrate its gambling services into social networking sites and has already started first testing of its technologies on Facebook. The idea is to realize a live casino presence by means of bookmarking and instant alerting signals. It should be like a notification when you enter your account which will inform you where your friends are at the moments and what games they are playing. This feature is called Shoutbox. The name then must be derived from the literal verbalization of the duties which the element will be performing.

Thomas Kiessling says that BWIN is trying to develop and improve the convenience of social webs and bring more entertainment to the inner structure for members to really enjoy there pastime inside the project.

Poker is expected to be te first game to experience new technologies collide as the totally new Poker platform has been prepared already. The value of the platform is considered to exceed the number of $40 000 000.

If the project is a success and BWIN continues to mix gambling with social bookmarks then we are most likely to see online Casinos as part of social web portals.

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