Online Casinos Penetrate Swedish Market

A lot has been done by the European Union and the European Commission in particular to open the EU online casino gambling industry. Still, not all the EU member states follow the policy of free trading of goods and services in all regards, but they do benefit from the membership.

Thus, Sweden has proven to be a really difficult point for the Commission. The state has a long history of monopolies at the core of the nation’s welfare policies. But things are changing, and in some cases thanks to online casinos that are not willing to wait for a long time for a successful negotiation of new policies.

Having appealed to the Swedish government on numerous occasions to get access to Swedish land and online casino gamblers and being constantly denied, Betsson made a decision to penetrate the Swedish market and set up a betting shop located out of Stockholm. The company is sure there is little that the Swedish government can do about that. And if the case is taken to the European Court of Justice, Betsson, without any doubt, will win the case.

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