Astraware Expands its Line of Mobile Online Games

More and more new companies enter the mobile online casino gambling market bringing fresh ideas and new game releases. With the growth of Astraware, a fast growing mobile gaming software provider, a subsidiary of Handmark, Inc, lots of providers will face a rival having the unique opportunity to offer gamers in new markets a mobile platform alternative.

Specializing in handheld computers, Astraware has already managed to get a positive reputation in the internet gaming industry. As the online casino mobile gaming industry launched over past the two years, Astraware provides Handmark with specific mobile devices like PDAs, smartphones, and some other mobile devices.

Possessing a whole line of mobile online games, Astraware is now offering Texas Hold’Em No Limit Poker which is supposed to increase Astraware’s viability in the market. Other popular games on the company’s platform are Slots, Video Poker, Video Keno, Roulette, Blackjack, etc.

Unfortunately, some basic phones won’t be able to run Astraware products, as company’s gaming platform works only on mobile devices having an actual computing operating system.

To note: the Astraware gaming platform is currently available and is a downloadable game.