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Do You Still Think US Control Online Gambling Market?

The question whose regulatory system in terms of online gambling market is more effective does not make any sense already, as the UK and the nations of European Union have demonstrated their far better control of gambling industry in comparison with the current internet gambling policy in the US which is definitely not serving country’s market very well.

The UK, actually, turned out to be the first to offer liberal online casino gambling regulations, and now the UK really stands out, as there is simply no room for unscrupulous and unlicensed online casinos. The EU followed the example of the UK, but the system there seems to be less effective, because EU member state often have varying policies and licensing procedures.

Online Casinos Do Care

Online casinos are starting to play a more important role in the community. Many companies now do not only abide the regulatory standards, but also look for volunteer opportunities and actively support charities.

One of the companies who really cares about the community is Gala Coral. The company is known for its support of local community and fundraising efforts (the company has already raised $1 million for charity).

Another company on the list is Slotland which is also known for its fundraising and contributions to charities worldwide.

Latest Technologies on iPad

Now, Apple iPad users can get in on action at the leading online casino and sportsbook Using either a portrait or landscape mode, players can check out markets, place bets and monitor their accounts.

“Once more, we are pushing our boundaries when it comes to adapting our products to the latest web and technology trends,” said Don Fotsch, Global Director Of User Experience for London-based

“When we observe our customers enjoying, that is clear that iPad gets stronger and becomes a complement to the TV viewing experience. In my opinion, you’ll definitely see iPads appealing to a broader demographic than any other computing device in the history of the iGaming industry.”

New Bingo Site to Satisfy the Growing Demand

The Bingo Me online casino bingo gambling site is the newest addition to 888 Holdings. The site is planned to operate in the UK bingo market which seems to be sort of mature in terms of bingo, especially if to compare with other regions of Europe where the interest to bingo is slowly growing.

The Bingo Me Happy site will run like most online casinos. An affiliate program is said to be used for this new site promotion.

Will Hill Solidifies its Position in the Market

Will Hill has recently announced its new telephone betting operation that is to operate for the Will Hill brand out of Gibraltar. The new service will operate through Vertex – call centers and other operations that previously operated through WHCL have been moved over. With the best interests in heart for its employees, William Hill offered them other positions within the company.

Online Gambling to Come to Ontario

Online casino gambling is promised to come to the province of Ontario, Canada, by 2012, but there is a strong opposition from the Canadian Auto Workers union who think that a possibility to gamble online may put problem gamblers even at a bigger risk of becoming addicted. However, internet experts are absolutely convinced that technology can make online casinos as secure against compulsive gambling as any land-based venue.

British Columbia and the Atlantic provinces have already begun allowing their lotteries to accept online casino gaming. Manitoba and Ontario are the next provinces to follow.

Legalization of online gambling can certainly help the problem of multi-million deficit in the provinces.

E-gaming Sites Are in Demand in Europe

Slow legislation process regarding the e-gaming market in Italy nevertheless created one of the most concise and largest markets in Europe. The betting industry has come first, followed by internet poker. Finally, online casino sites have been announced to be coming into the market through Microgame, an already licensed and legally operating company in the Italian market.

Online casino sites are believed to have a huge potential within Italy and Europe as a whole.

China Sets New Blocks

Chinese government has always believed that censorship and filtering are absolutely acceptable. The recent restrictions in place turned out to be not as severe as the planned filtering ban of last year, however, they are supposed to weed out all illegal online casino gambling activity.

Any internet business offering games within the Chinese market should not violate the social morals and laws of the country. In addition to that, a new ID program is in place and all internet gaming companies should implement a real name identification program that verifies the age and places restrictions on the amount of online game play each person can engage in.

Intimate Bingo from Cozy Games

Liberalization of gambling laws in the UK resulted in the growth of the gambling industry. The number of gambling sites is increasing. is a recently launched project of Cozy Games, a fairly new, but already recognized name in the UK.  There are already several huge bingo sites operating in the UK market, but what makes this site different is its appeal to a small niche part of the online casino bingo gaming population who like more intimate gaming atmosphere.

By the end of the year more options and promotions are expected, as well as the growth of the player base.

Arrests in Japan

The idea of possibility to regulate the global online casino gambling industry hit the Japanese government once, at the time of global economic recession, though the idea was never materialized, thus leaving internet gambling illegal in Japan.

Illegal is still taking place in the country, that’s why the arrest of three individuals accused in participation in an illegal online casino gambling ring has been surprising. The ring has been under investigation for quite some time, but the portable nature of the online casinos and the industry as a whole made it hard for police to pinpoint them. The illegal online casino let the minors play and wager at the sites without any age checks and safeguards.

However, there is one point the police are not sure about: what to do with the nine internet gamblers who were gambling at these sites.