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Tax on Revenues to Help Cover Budget Needs

After severe criticism, the Cyprian government has slowed down on attempts to block online casinos. However, there are reports saying that the government has announced a new tax program requiring all Cyprian gamblers to pay higher taxes on their winnings.

No doubt the Cyprian government has found a perfect way to collect more money for the country’s budget. According to the new policies, a Cyprian gambler who has won money gambling online will have to claim these winnings on their personal taxes as a source of income. Previously, online casinos paid out winnings without reporting winners to the government. Now, it is clear, that the winners who have not registered their winnings will face numerous fines and penalties.

Bans and Regulations

Practice of banning online casinos has proven to be ineffective in a number of countries where illegal online gambling is thriving.  Despite the fact that the banning policy is ineffective, countries don’t want to admit the defeat and abandon bans.

The USA have made one of the first attempts to create gambling regulations, however, the controversial system didn’t prove to be a success.

Russia was the next country on the list who considered the issue, but the major concern for the government was the well developed land gambling industry rather than online. The land venues were pushed out of the cities, thus causing the appearance of an underground land market complimented by unregulated internet gambling.

Now, Australia and China are trying some blocks that are not working either. Ineffective monopolies can also be found in some European countries. However, the solution is clear: site regulation and licensing.

Bodog – a Getaway Place for Many Winners

Despite all the attempts of the US to ban the online casino gambling industry at the transaction level, control has not become total. People keep playing and winning on the sites that are still active in the US market.

Bodog has recently announced a jackpot winner on the Jackpot Pinatas game from Indiana. Linda W. triggered a jackpot of more than Euro 470,000. Linda W is planning to invest them in her landscaping business, bring the cost of her husband’s operation down, pay for some of her granddaughter’s college fees, and help her friend who is currently in a difficult financial situation.

Jackpot Pinatas is a popular choice at the Bodog online casino, as the game frequently pays out smaller jackpots.

Technology Gets More Accurate

It is not a secret that Google has been banning internet gambling ads for years. Recently, the company has changed their policies, and in accordance with them, now, online gambling advertising is allowed on an exclusive, limited only to verified 18 and up users section of YouTube.

Naturally, there are lots of critics of that entrance into the online gambling advertising industry, but Google do their best to assure everyone that the age verification software is good enough not to allow underage viewers and makes advertising strategy for internet gambling companies more targeted.

MTV Networks Celebrates its First Online Gaming Initiative

As a result of a deal between MTV Networks UK and Ireland and leading software provider, bingo fans can now enjoy a new bingo site at

The launch is scheduled later in July as a skin on the Dragonfish Bingo Network. The brand-new bingo site will definitely benefit from significant marketing exposure on TV and online across MTV and Viva network.

The partnership is expected to become a success, as cooperation like this brings responsible and enjoyable gaming opportunities for the players.

What are the Chances for Internet Gambling in Poland?

Bronislaw Komarowski, the newly elected Polish president, is believed to have a liberal viewpoint regarding online casinos and is thought to be looking for ways to legalize and regulate the online casino industry within Poland to generate more revenues for the state budget.

The former president, Lech Kaczynski, who died in a tragic plane crash earlier this year, attempted to block, ban and filter internet gambling and questionable sites. No wonder, his twin brother, Jaroslaw, who took part in the race for the presidency against Komorowski, was feared to follow his brother’s steps in the way of handling online casino gambling situation.

Pro-online casino gambling supporters hope that Komorowski will change internet policies in Poland and that will definitely help the country fully enter the European Union.

Poker Goes to London

London is set to become the next poker capital in September. 70 events will offer and unbelievable prize pool of over 10 million pounds.

Poker tournaments are organized by Bluff Europe. The full list of events taking place this fall in London will be featured in the forthcoming issue of Bluff Europe and Poker Europa magazines, as well as online from July 18 at and

Some of the upcoming events are: The World Poker Tour, The English Poker Open, the two-day Poker in the Park, different small buy-in tournaments, tutorial lectures, seminars, pro-player sessions, concert charity tournaments and much more. The debut of The British Poker Awards is also scheduled to take place in London in September when British and European poker players are to be awarded.

Days or Minutes of Jail for Lindsay?

With the news that Lindsay Lohan is to serve ninety days in the jail, online gambling community is already speculating how much of the sentence the actress will actually do. Online gambling sites and internet casinos are expected to be posting numbes soon on the projected stay for Lindsay Lohan behind bars.

It is not a secret that celebrities get special treatment by law enforcement, and Lindsay Lohan is sure to be released shortly after.

The actress is under probation for drunk driving and cocaine possession, but she has never admitted her guilt despite positive blood tests for alcohol and cocaine.

Revolutionary Product from is introducing a new easy-to-use site which is claimed to improve poker gambling experience of thousands of players. is a fully integrated online poker platform with hand tracking and analysis, video and written educational tools such as strategy and coaching.

To play, existing at players need to register for free at before each of the subsequent cash game hands. After that players get a personalized report card on the quality of their play. Moreover, players can drill down through their statistics to get more details on their game. And all of that is free.

California Bill to Be Reconsidered

Consideration of a move into the online casino poker gambling industry in the state of California has created lots of controversy. Legalization of online gambling in California could help lessen serious budget shortages, however a group of politicians and Indian tribes object to that, as they don’t want to lose control over the state land gambling industry.

The native tribes of California have a lot of control over the state land gambling industry, so it is not surprising that they took immediate defensive action against legalization of internet poker. The bill proposers were forced to withdraw the bill and admit that it still had to be worked at.