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Thailand Continues Ineffective Blocking

The Thai authorities are closely monitoring all of the land and online casino betting activities related to this year’s World Cup. Several centers to track down and stop internet betting rings are set p in Bangkok and other area of the country.

Experts think that approximately one billion dollars from Thailand only will be spent on the World Cup betting. The figure is huge, especially if to take into consideration the fact that betting in Thailand results in one year prison sentence and fines. So far, a small number of bettors have been arrested and it looks as if the Thai government is losing the battle.

Odds Changing

Betting on live and ongoing sports matches is absolutely fantastic thanks to the fact that nothing is steady there and everything may suddenly change. That is why online casino betting companies should keep an eye and be ready to switch up the betting odds.

Similar situation happened this year when Mexico’s soccer team won out France in this year’s World Cup. Initially, the odds makers thought France to be the favorite for the win, while Mexico was a weaker shot. As it turned out, French soccer team not only lost several matches, but also failed in the Cup as a team which is even worse. No wonder, online casino odds had to be adjusted.

YouTube Gambling-Related Adds and Children

YouTube is reported to have finally begun publishing related to gaming ads in the UK. Since the acquisition of YouTube by Google in 2006, lots of things changed.

YouTube is to employ the same software it uses to block children from viewing mature-themed videos.

Online gambling freedom advocates in the US are sure that the same system can be used at internet casinos to prevent underage gambling. Their opponents claim that it will be insufficient, however, they cannot explain why the system will fail for online casinos.

You Loose Your Identity, He Buys Jewelry, Sports Cars

Alistair Peckover, 21, a UK young adult has been finally sentenced to two years in prison for hacking crimes and identity theft.

Alistair had been hacking the internet through email accounts and gambling sites for two years before the police managed to track him down. First he got warning from the courts to stop hacking and fraud in exchange for a light, but suspended sentence, however, Alistair failed and is now facing 2-years’ imprisonment.

They Come Together for Charity

A Facebook campaign launched last month by in aid of UK charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer has turned out to find a strong support from the gambling community. The company donates one pound to the cancer charity for every player  that signs up as a fan.

The company hopes to raise up to 5,000 pounds through this campaign. The sum is to be added to more than 20,000 that has already donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.  So far, they have raised 342 pounds.

Higher Odds, More Attention

The odds-makers at the online casino betting shops have to accomplish a very thorough and tough task when it comes to monitoring of sports events. They don’t only track the performance of every team competing in the event, but also the professional commentary and gossip. So, one word can change everything, and as a result long-shot teams can suddenly rise in the ranks.

Something similar is going on now during the World Cup. Some teams have performed unexpectedly well, so the land and online casino betting companies have to adjust their odds to reflect the real picture. Thus, the odds for the Netherlands have increased and now the odds are 9 to 1. Other teams from Argentina, Brazil, Holland and Spain are now getting closer attention, as they have become favorites at the online casinos.

Are you in the Mood to Bet? Consider this

What is one of the strangest, but one of the most popular  pastimes nowadays? Betting on celebrity babies.

Betting companies offer odds on almost everything now: from baby names to break ups, and even jail time. At the moment lots of betting site are taking bets on which celebrity will be the next to announce a pregnancy. Be advised that one of the favorites in the bets is Katy Perry, who is engaged, and is rumored to be or become pregnant soon. Beyonce is with 6-1 odds, Kylie Minogue is the next on the list.

Is Your Payment Processing Company Secure?

The FIFA World Cup betting this year is believed to reach the largest betting figures in the history of gambling. It comes from the integration of land, mobile and online casino gambling. So, it is evident that gamblers can find numerous places to bet, however, the main issue now is the processing of the bets – reliable companies processing payments.

Neovia is a company widely offered throughout the global online casino gambling and betting industry, as one of the most secure companies processing transactions and keeping personal data safe. This year Neovia is a choice #1 for the World Cup online casino bettors.

Tournament for Music Lovers

The Fete de la Musique tournament series is another hit from the Fortune Lounge. The series offers a competitive prize pool and its winners can pick a concert of choice to get tickets. Despite the low value of the tournament compared to others, it needs to be mentioned that it attracts a new segment of players – music lovers.

The Tournament runs from June 16th through the 22nd of the month at all of the Fortune Lounge powered online casinos. Its structure is designed to award winning gamblers with a music prize fitting their winning position. The top 3 players will get a pair of tickets to a concert of their choice. The 4th through the 10th place online casino poker players will get a Euro 100 gift voucher to a record store. The 11th through the 15th place winners will get a Euro 50 voucher to a record store.

In addition to that the tournament offers the Ladies Night Slot Game on Fortune Lounge sites what will definitely make women feel special.