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New Study – Fresh Ideas

The expansion of online casino industry is inevitable, as well as underage gambling concerns. Lots of nations speculate on the problem using it as a chance to ban online gambling completely. However, working towards understanding of underage gambling problem, its motivations and implications is required. This is what the UK is currently working at.

A study into underage gambling in the UK has been comissioned by the National Lottery Commission. The study will give the information in comparison with the results of a similar study made in 2006. Besides, “the new and fresh insights into the motivations and factors playing a role in youth manipulating the system to participate in both legal and illegal internet gambling”.

Jackpot Mania Grows

With the progressive jackpot becoming very popular nowadays, it’s no wonder that all of the major software development companies offer several progressive jackpot options on their gaming platform. Traditional jackpots offer more variety, however, they cannot grow very high.

Boss Media, one of the largest gaming groups, is offering a wide selection of games including 40 progressive jackpots. It must be mentioned that its Aladdin’s Lamp is known to have topped the Euro 2 million mark. Last summer it hit, but it was for a lesser jackpot than what has currently accrued.


Fantastic Bonus at Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes is known to be giving away €25 free to any player who signs up to their online casino’s site. In addition to that, there is no deposit requirement and players don’t have to give over any financial details. It is a nice offer for the players who don’t want to risk, but a have a wish to turn €25 into millions.

Sportingbet Renews Agreement with Game Account

The gambling market is developing and now can offer a wide choice of gaming platforms, including ancillary and support platforms.

Sportingbet is one f the operators that has something special to offer: in addition to the traditional offerings, Sportingbet has renewed the agreement with Game Account to provide a set of skill games.
It’s been noticed that GameAccount platform of skill games has become very popular with players, and no wonder Sportingbet has chosen to continue the cooperation with GameAccount which platform can be easily added to to an existing gaming platform from all major software development companies.

Cocoa Casino Gets Updated

Cocoa Casino, an online casino, has made their home page more modern and slicker and is now planning to improve and make additions to their 3-reel slot games. It has already been admitted that now their site looks more updated and professional.

As for the updated games releases that are coming soon, they are thought to be better for players – full screen animations where the size of the win will determine the type of animation that will be seen.

The Kentucky Online Casino Situation Not Resolved

The Kentucky online casino gambling situation seems to be endless – the governor and some state laywers are still supporting the attempts to seize over 140 internet gambling related names, though the case has now gone to the Kentucky Appeals Court.

It must be admitted that some online casinos have complied with Governor Beshear’s request, others not, and the Appeals court has come to the conclusion that the domain seizure was unfounded and not supported by Kentucky state law. Many thought that the case would be dismissed by the courts, but it is progressing, and is thought to have a negative effect on international business and e-commerce in future.

Bingo Players Love Social Networking Features

The online casino bingo gambling industry has recently remarkably grown. Social chatting and networking features built into many bingo sites could be the reason for that., a popular bingo site destination for lots of gamblers in the UK market, admits that players use the site more and more often for everything from looking for true love to maling new friends.

The recently released survey indicates that gamblers do really like social networking features and they believe that the friends and relationships built through the site will have a longlasting and positive effect on their lives.

Spin3 Releases New Mobile Game

The new mobile games released from Spin3, a n extremely popular and reputable deliverer of high quality mobile gaming content, are reported to be Mac compatible, and can be played from such devices as iTouch and iPhone. Even the iPods users can access these games.

The Royal Derby Game, already available at some Spin3 mobile internet casinos, is the latest gaming option on the Spin3 mobile gambling platform. The game is promised to appeal to horserace punters who would never have two identical races in the virtual mobile racing track. The players of the Royal Derby Game can have a look at odds and stats for all of the horses, just in the same way it could be done with the real land horseracing industry.

The Royal Derby game is accessible on the Wild Jack Mobile Casino and the All Slots Casino sites.

Conferencing in LV is not a Luxury

Las Vegas is known to have lost approximately $166 million over the past severl months in revenue due to the cancelled conferences. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has announced that even more jobs are endanger in the region because of that. It is natural that not only the convention centers lose money, but the hotels lose bookings and the casinos lose in gambling revenues.

The LVCVA has nothing to do but to organize a promotion of conference travel to Las Vegas. If nothing is going to change in the upcoming months there, there will be layoffs.

What Would you Do if You Found a Lottery Ticket?

Amanda, Stacey, a 34-year-old housewife, the UK, has received an 11-month deferred jail sentence for false claiming in the lottery.  What happened is that Amanada found the lottery ticket on the floor at the grocery store, brought it home and found out that the ticket had winnings numbers and was worth GBP 30,000.

The ticket belonged to Dorothy McDonagh, a 61-year-old gambler, who purchased tickets on the regular basis and kept receipts as a proof of purchase. The old woman revealed the situation and the case was forwarded to the police.

So, this way, Amanda learnt that any fraudulent activities result in jail time.