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US Residents Gamble Online

Despite banned online gambling, US players have always been able to find the ways to gamble online.

A California resident, Kelly J, is known to have won a very decent jackpot at Bodog – $141,000. She was playing Caribbean Stud Poker at the Bodog online casinos when she suddenly hit the jackpot. The winning was so unexpected that she didn’t believe it until Bodog actually called her.

Kelly’s winning became possible since Bodog is one of the few online casinos accepting US players and funds from the US and allowing gamblers to cash out their winnings.

Special Offer from Bodog

The Bodog online casino is offering a unique service – a free casino gambling school aimed at new to gambling people and those who would like to learn more about various casinos games’ strategies.

To take advantage of the school, there is no need to to be a customer of the online casino. Being a “pupil” at the casino gambling school, you’ll find thorough explanations and examples for such games like blackjack, baccarat, craps and many more games. Various articles and guidelines are also available for you there. Moreover, you can test your knowledge for free by simply downloading the gambling software and choosing the “play for free” option. There, you can gamble with fake money.

When ready to play for real money, you should simply switch to a “real money” account, where you’ll get 10% bonus on your every deposit with the online gambling site.

Patching Budgets

In the light of the economic crisis deposits at online casinos have dropped by nearly 30%. To cope with the problems in the budget, some online casinos started offering bonuses with every deposit, other casinos have dropped deposit limits and increased welcome bonuses on first deposits.

Thus, La Isla is known to be offering their customers automatic bonuses credited at the deposit time, special bonuses to regular players on some tables like blackjack, poker and roulette. Their payment methods like U-Kash, ClickandBuy and Click2Pay are rewarded with special bonuses .

The measures are believed to be helpful.

Zapak Extends Offer to Global Consumers

Zapak Digital Entertainemnt is India’s largest online gaming company. Its gaming portal,, offers users service in their own language, and the company is known to be constantly adding more languages. They are proud to offer 12,000 single player games, and they are about to add multiplayer games. Zapak’s virtual site has made it possible for their users to upload their photos, create their own avatars, make new friends, spend virtual cash won by playing online games in a virtual shopping mall, try before to buy downloadable games.

Zapak suppose their site has the best content, excellent technology platform and a unique community. There are over 5.1 million registered users on the site what creates the largest database in the country so far.

The company also has intentions to launch their gaming websites in Brazil, China and Russia.

Online Bingo Turns into Online Gaming Phenomenon

If you think that there is no difference between the bingo game played in the bingo halls or churches and the one offered by online bingo sites, you are mistaken.

With the popularity of bingo growing, more and more sites consider the opportunity of offering bingo to their customers. To say more, they offer different variations of the game online.

The old game of bingo involved players holding cards and checking off numbers as they were called, while bingo sites give bonuses of free play for new customers which can be used to try out all of the games on the site. Besides, lots of bongo sites are now offering cash back rewards similar to those offerd by credit cards. Online, bingo fans can also find games with multiple game boards, cutting edge graphics and much more.

A New Addition at Jackpot City

Jackpot City has announced the newest tournament feature that is sure to appeal to gamblers who love blackjack. The online casino gambling site is offering multiplayer blakcjack tourneys targeted at all levels of blackjack play that will be held regularly on the site.

Other black jack tourneys are still available at Jackpot City, since the new blackjack tourney is only the addition to the list of their regular tourneys, but the addition that won’t disappoint blackjack fans.

In accordance with the latest tournament announcement, online casino gamblers are able to take part I daily freerolls and tourneys with very low entrance fees, but big huge prize money.

Besides, new gamblers at Jackpot City are offered highly competitive signup incentives that should be enough to be headed over to the site and have fun gambling.

Industry Leaders

A wide array of innovative games, unbelievable rewards and signup bonuses, transparent and honest management process make up the high-quality gaming experience that is constantly delivered by 32Red. 32Red has interests in everything from bingo gambling to mobile gaming that is sure to appeal to any player.

The company has been steadily growing over the past two years, turning from a small internet gambling company into one of the top ranked gambling sites. Both, players and industry awards recognize 32Red as an industry leader. Thus, the company has been recognized for successful business growth in 2007 and 2008 by Leisure Report Awards, and it has been titled as Best Casino for five years in a row by Casinomeister.

Cantor Meets Players’ Needs

Cantor Gaming, a fast-developing company in the international online gambling industry operating three internet gambling sites including Cantor Casino, Cantor Poker and Cantor Financial Odds for the European market, upon the request of their numerous gamblers has added a myltiple currency technology to the list of the products they offer.

Thanks to the technology, Cantor gamblers can choose to operate their accounts in pounds or Euro. Before that players’ accounts were available in pounds, but at check out time, gamblers were able to withdraw their money in Euro.

Microgaming Enforcing Restrictions

Microgaming is known to be enforcing regiment of their policy to block players residing in some US states (the list of the banned states can be found on U.S. Microgaming Restrictions page) after passing of the UIGEA.

The policy is not new, however not every third-party maketers, affiliates, for Microgaming’s online casino licencees let their customers find it out. Moreover, some players from theses states managed to find ways to gamble at Microgaming sites.

Taking all this and the recent domain name seizure in the State of Kentucky into consideration, Microgaminghas decided to tighten its restricitive measures. Microgaming’s licensees have already started sending emails to affiliates and third parties in which they are advised that any players residing in the restricted sites will be blocked by Microgaming’s sites and their IP blocking service is using a proxy detector to find the players using a proxy to hide their IP address. The pleasant news is that all the players having current balances with an online casino or poker room, will have their balances payed out in full.

People residing in the banned states should also take into consideration that they will be able to register with a Microgaming online casino or poker room and play the “Practice” version of the software for free, but they won’t be able to play for real money.

Basic Texas Hold ’em concepts

Texas Hold ‘em, i s quickly became the most popular poker game. It is currently have a place on TV and at greatest poker events like the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour. Although Texas Hold ’em is simply and easy to play poker variant, many experts acknowledge that it is the most complex poker game. Due to its complexity can be pleasant or cruel game for beginners and also experienced players.

If you see poker on TV, it’s probably always played No Limit Texas Hold ’em, and beginners would guess tend to limit poker.

The game is fast and violently (bets, raises, re-raises) than many other typical poker variants. Winners win high, losers lose high. These factors make Texas Hold ‘em so entertaining, and thus to the King in the casinos and online poker rooms.

The following article gives a basic introduction to the game and the strategy of Texas Hold ‘em poker.
Each player receives two cards at the beginning, the hole cards (also called pocket cards).
This hole cards the player may view only own.
Thereafter, the community cards (5 cards total) open out on the table with which each player with his two hole cards to play. The first 3 cards are designed together. This is the flop. Then, after each auction an additional card. After you turn cards, 2 cards are missing. Before any disclosure of the cards each player must either check, call, raise or re-raise. Or get off (fold). After the 5th Card (the River) was discovered will be offered one last time. Then showdown comes, and player with the best card wins.
The button represents the dealer. For home games, no button required, since each player once as a dealer’s turn. In the online casino and poker is the dealer or an employee of the computer. The button moves clockwise after each game. The player, on which the button is located (“on the button”) as the last gets his cards and, as in the last round. The current position of the button plays a major role in balancing the strategy of position.
You may need to learn in dept Texas Hold ‘em strategies on advanced poker strategies portals to become advanced Hold ‘em player.