Pace Advantage Horse Racing Game Launched

Horse Racing Simulation LLC in partnership with are reported to have launched the Pace Advantage Horse Racing Game. The game will make it possible for users to experience horse racing through a virtual 3D experience. Horse racing fans will be able to jockey, bet and compete with other horse racing fans in free online tournaments for gifts and prizes.

The game features more than 300 fictitious race horses with players having the ability to compete head-to-head as jockeys for the best racing times at various distances and at racetracks all around the world.

Jockey mode, horse race betting mode, horse racing trainer mode, and horse racing tournament mode are the five basic modes of play presented there.

Michael Calderone, President of Horse Racing Simulation LLC admits: “Our free virtual horse racing game provides the realism for the true horse racing enthusiast and a simplistic level of play for the novice or beginning horse race fan”. is also supposed to act as a distribution point for SIM2WIN™, a horse racing software program allowing users to simulate upcoming major horse races hundreds of times under multiple scenarios looking for the most probable race winners at the best possible odds. This software program looks for the best betting opportunities in a given horse race. The simulations are done in a full-screen, 3D, visual presentation. Both novice and experienced players can use this great horse racing software program.