The Size of Bets in No-Limit Texas Holdem

In No-Limit Texas Holdem games any player may bet how much and whenever he wants. It is very inspiring.

The most important thing here is to find balance between betting too much on the flop and intimidating your opponents, and betting too little and getting many people drawing on you.

On the flop if you have a good hand, it is usually better to bet half of the full pot. When you bet a third part of the pot you may run the risk of other players drawing out on you in No-Limit.

Of course, if your opponent has a flush draw or an open-ended draw, he will get nothing else but poor pot odds with your third of the pot to call. But he may also hold two draws, like a gut-shot draw and a flush draw, and it will be right for him to call as the pot odds aren’t high enough to make him out.

In No-Limit Texas Holdem poker games you are free to decide when you should bet and what the amount. It’s pointless to describe a huge number of situations appropriate for that in this single article. But you may find some pointers below which will be useful to build your strategy on the flop.

Pot-Sized Bets

If you suspect an opponent drawing out on you and exposing your hand to danger, that’s just the right time to bet a pot-sized amount. In this situation you will be ready to bet even more than the pot. As No-Limit Texas Holdem is about implied odds, it is better to be mistaken on the side of caution when betting too big as opposed to betting too small. Giving your opponent poor odds to call for a flush draw, you may be giving him correct implied odds.

Two-Thirds Pot-Sized Bets

Betting is not limited by certain rules in No-Limit Texas Holdem. However, many professional players indicate that they prefer to mostly bet two-thirds of the total pot size. It is the best way to bet when you think a player is on a draw and your hand seems to be a little exposed. Playing such a bet will prevent your opponent from trying to draw on you.

Half Pot-Sized Bets

Betting half the pot is also very popular between pros, especially when they hit trips, two pair or any other strong hand on the flop. It will be just so cheap for your opponents to try for the draw in this situation. The longer they’ll keep trying and playing more money, the more attractive pot will become for you in the long run.