Texas Holdem poker basics

Texas Holdem uses community cards revealed in the middle of the poker table and that all players can be used. In addition, each holdem player receives two pocket cards, including hole cards, and combines these cards with the community cards to the best hand of five cards together.

The players get last cards from the “dealer” which have the “dealer button”. In the end of a game wanders the button clockwise to the next player.

Setting blinds in Texas Holdem

Most poker variants begin with a mandatory. This deployment will ensure that the game in motion. Texas Holdem poker is played with two blinds, before dealing the pocket cards to be set. The blinds are the two players to the left of the dealer paid the small blind from the first player to the big blind by the second. The big blind is always the minimum bet at the table and the small blind, half of them. In a bet, each player in turn can:

Bet Translate: money in the pot to pay Making a call with the use of another player’s match Adjust Fold: cards and throw away the chance of losing the pot to win Check: nothing, and the next player to pass (only possible if nobody has) Raise Improve: the use of another player’s raise Re-Raise Again increase: the use of another player again increase.

First round – The pre-flop, dealing the cards

After setting the blinds, the dealer in a clockwise direction to each player is dealt two cards. These two cards called “hole cards” or “pocket cards”.

Then the players decide whether they want to or not. Starting with the player at the position after the big blind sits. In the first round of betting is not allowed to check, only setting, Making, increase or adjust is possible. Each player has the same amount in the pot to pay. When a player increases, the other players must be either once or mitgehen increase or adjust and eliminated from the game.

Second round – The flop

The dealer shall, in the middle of the table three cards – the flop. These three cards are community cards and each player can be used in combination with its two hidden cards.

The still remaining in the game players are starting with the second turn. The first player to the left of the dealer starts. The following actions are possible: Check, setting / Improve, or Adjust To match.

All players must put the same amount into the pot, or fold before the round has ended.

Again, all players have the same amount of money in the pot to pay or adjust. From now on the same rules apply for setting as well as increase.

Third round – The Turn

The dealer now the fourth community card on the table so that all players now six cards are available. This is followed by another round of betting.

Fourth and final round – The River

The fifth and final community card is set up at the table, followed by another round of betting.

The Showdown

Each player can be a total of five of the seven cards. This means that each player is the best five-card hand from his two hole cards and the five community cards on the table form. It is not even their own cards. If the best combination of cards to the community cards on the table, you can also use these cards. The remaining players now cover their cards, and the winner will be determined. If a player has already shown his cards and your hand is worse, so you can decide whether you reveal your cards or not.