Unique Ring Tones from Slotland.com

If you are playing slots machines at Slotland.com, your next spin could be a win. The online casino is offering two free ring tones for its slots players to download onto their mobile phones. The ring tones are absolutely unique: the first one is funky while the second one is a more laid-back island sound. Both tones are compatible for all popular phone models and are available in different formats.

Slotland.com offers six mobile slot machine games with the ring tones available until the end of June. To say more, players that download the ring tones are eligible to win one of ten $50 prizes by sending full lyrics for the tunes to [email protected].

To hear the ring tones, go to Slotland.com/ring.html. To download them, enter WAP.Slotland.com.

Treasure Box is the newest mobile phone slot available from Slotland.com. The game allows players to hold the reels after each spin in order to affect the result and get the best potential return.