Golden Casino announces two tournaments worth of $70k

Participation in the wild tournament costs only $12.99 and it may bring you a fortune.

The first tournament has already began and it will last till October 13th. The prize constitutes guaranteed revenue of $50k. First days of this tournament showed good popularity as the first prize of $15k attracted thousands of players willing to get the victory in their hands.

The second tournament is planned to start on Monday and will end on Friday. This tournament seems to be a bit better with a revenue of $20.000 and a completely FREE access to take part in but you do have to be the owner of a real money account to be a part of the game. The first prize as announced constitutes $5.500

The difference in the two tournaments also lies in the starting volume of funds. The first tournament offers games with $325 to starts while the second one offers games with $100 and unlimited re-buys for 9.99 only.

More than 10 000 players have already signed up for the game.

For details contact Golden Casino support department.