Get Chance to Experience Golden Glory

The Summer Olympics will start soon, and while the world is looking forward to them, King Solomons online casino have taken on this global challenge by reaching the global audience. The online casino launches the online viral Discus Champion game that may be one of the first viral games developed for an online casino, though it is the only one to catch the spirit of the global sporting event.

Players from all over the world are able to take part in the game to see who can throw the discus the furthest. Players may choose the country they would like to represent and then make three attempts to throw the discus. The final ranking is made up of the sum of these three attempts.

Amazing graphics and audio, the roar of the crowd, the visual grandeur and genuine tension of the competition make it possible for players to feel glory and pleasure.

By having recommended the Discus Champion Game to the friends, players enter into a monthly draw to win various prizes. Besides, those playing the game and downloading casino games from the prizes page of the Discus Champion get free 15 Euros in their account.