Another Lucky Story

A Spanish player, known as Jose M, was playing four different slots at CasinoTropez to win 800,527 dollars. Jose M triggered 11 separate jackpots on CasinoTropez’s site over a very short period of time.

Jose M turned out to be really lucky to win that big, as the slots he was playing are not linked, and it was pure chance that allowed him to make history at CasinoTropez. The player has become one of the top ten winning players in the history of the site.

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About Carmine Dutrow

Carmine Dutrow – was born and spent her entire life in Kentucky, USA. She never planned to move and in 2000 she made up her mind to enter Kentucky State University where she studied for three years in the College of Art and Social Sciences. Carmine’s Dad and elder brother, both ardent gamblers, became the first teachers and companions of the girl in playing poker. Today she can hardly imagine her holiday without a visit to a casino.