Busy Bingo Month

Bingo Day looks to be busy in November: extra games and increased guaranteed prizes are on the menu this time. The most attractive promotion this month is the £10,000 Guaranteed Payout game to be hosted on the last Sunday of the month in the Royal Court room which further provides high stakes games with a daily guaranteed £1,000 payout game “The Crown Jewel”.

Guaranteed payout games of £1,000, £250 and £100 will be held every day at the Barmy Club, while in the Velvet Lounge room players will be able to enjoy a daily selection of free games. Gamblers will also be able to participate in daily e-games with £15 cash prizes. In addition to that, the Cloud Nine room will host a £100 guaranteed prize game called “The Dream Maker”.

Bingo Day didn’t forget about the ladies either. Playing the “Dress to Kill” game every evening at 8:30 in the Barmy Club, women can win not only cash but also tickets to the Designer Accessory Draw.

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