Women Poker Affiliates

Looking for a long time for decent legal work at home jobs, three housewives – Jennifer 26, Kandice 29, and Nikki 28 (out of Toledo) – have finally found them. They are online poker affiliates.

They never had an idea of becoming ones until they learnt about affiliating through Jennifer’s husband, Eric by name, who is also an online poker affiliate, owning the website www.pokerbonusworld.com .

“It really never crossed my mind to become an affiliate for poker rooms because I’m a woman, I’ve always thought of my husbands business as something only men do” – says Jennifer. It used to be so at the time when poker only appeared, but many women have already proved that poker is not only for men. Females can also make money in this business. And there is lot of things to do.

Affiliating for poker rooms is a financially promising thing to do. There are more than 600 poker rooms to affiliate for, and most of them offer $65 – $150 to their affiliates for every poker player who signs up and makes a cash deposit. E.g., in 2005 Partypoker.com paid out over 75 million dollars to their marketing partners with their top paid affiliate generating close to 1 million dollars. Doesn’t it sound rewarding?

There are many ways to become a successful affiliate for online poker rooms: to own a website dedicated to online poker, banners, online and offline campaigns. Besides, a lot of poker rooms offer free promotional flyers and software CDs that you as an affiliate can place on counters in stores.

At the moment Jennifer, Kandice and Nikki are busy with designing a website for women who are interested in this type of work. And there is a web page that you can visit at www.largestwebsiteever.com . Obviously their goal is to teach women “how to affiliate for online poker rooms instead of wasting their time sinking money into get rich quick schemes”.

The women have already proved to be a success by having earned in the past month over $3000. Jennifer explains their success: “We go to local poker games and pass out software CDs to the players, I’m pretty sure that’s where we get most of our sign ups, but we also distribute flyers to privately owned mini-mart stores, it’s working out very well so far and we are very pleased”.

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