Will Online Gambling Survive in France?

John Anderson, former Chief Executive of 888 Holdings, has been recently called in by French authorities in regards to the sponsorship of Toulouse, the French football club, by 888.

Having announced certain forms of advertising like ads for online gambling illegal in December 2006, French authorities made 888 Holdings stopped advertising for Toulouse and stopped sponsorship.

The reason for calling in Anderson is that at the time of the warning he was a Chief Executive. Now, he is an independent director with the company.
888 pulled advertising, but French authorities hardly realize that. Perhaps they are sure that 888 continue permitting French players to open accounts at their online casinos and poker room.
The evident thing is that gambling monopoly in France makes situation on the international gambling and sports betting market worse.

Anderson is not the only person who experiences such an unpleasant situation though there is no evidence that any criminal charges have been made against him. Last year, two CEO’s were arrested in France. Last month, the European Poker Tour’s four-day tournament that was supposed to take place at the Casino Barriиre de Deauville, was cancelled by French authorities for the reason of being sponsored by Poker Stars, the online poker site.

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