Who will be Banned from Advertising in the UK?

With a new addition to the UK gambling Act 2005 all the companies operating outside of the European Economic Area won’t be able to advertise their services in the UK. The new powers will exclude about 1,000 online gambling companies (there are approximately 2,300 gambling websites being operated worldwide). The most recognizable ones are among them: William Hill Casino, Betfred Casino and Poker, Interpoker.com, Littlewoodscasino.com, etc. It must be noted that “the route to exemption from the ad ban involved a rigorous assessment of the regulatory standards”. To note: there were only Alderney and the Isle of Man who demonstrated satisfactory measures in correspondence with the new regulatory standards such as “protection of children, vulnerable people, and those for keeping games fair and the prevention of crime”. No wonder that both Alderney and the Isle of Man are pleased with the news of being on the list. More over, they are not required to make any changes in their regulations.

To be put on the “white list” a company should apply.  Those who have not applied will be banned from advertising in the UK. It is known that applications from Alexander, Netherlands Antilles and Tasmania have already been rejected. Applications from Kahnawake and Antigua are under consideration.

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