Upgraded Version of Online Poker Room Software Released by CelebPoker

The version discussed is completely different and there’s a great feeling of a real card room. Many new features added to the game have made it rather entertaining for players. With it, you are able to track the competition and win more.

One of the new features added is called “Player Notes”. It has got such a name for its players are able to keep real time track. There is an icon to be clicked and opened above each player at the table. In the screen a player can make notes about another’s style, betting patterns and speed. This window looks much like a notepad and allows players to enter any information they feel is useful to remember. For example, a player wins many hands from another competitor in a session and makes notes about their betting style throughout the night. The next time that player is online and seated at the table they will be able to open the window and recall facts noted about them in previous sessions. This new tool is very valuable over the course of extended online play.

Besides that the tool making the selection of the game faster has also been added. It makes the process more convenient by locating kinds of table and tournaments the players are interested in. Additional information used there refers to the total amount in the main pot as well as the sum all currently placed bets on the table. Here, as soon as the bets are placed into the pot, the real totals are presented. All that will provide players with a more realistic picture of their wagering process and a resource to more accurately make raises.

The organizers say: “Many times when a river card comes and the winning hand is declared new players and multi-table players are left searching to see how they have lost the pot. Now then the winning hand has been determined; the cards that make up that hand are highlighted. This allows players to see each hand won clearly and learn from and recognize a bad bet/beat sequence. In addition to this there has been an increased in the number of hands kept in ‘hand history’. The number of poker hands written to the textual hand history that is accessible from the poker table has been increased to 1,000 hands. Again providing more information to the players and allowing them to record betting patterns and results”.

Technical improvements and upgrades have also taken place. One of them is an improved access to the cashier which can be opened now by clicking on the chip tray on the poker table and deposits seamlessly. Always paying much attention to security, CelebPoker.com has got the most efficient and reliable banking system found online. One more thing that has been upgraded is connectivity. In case of any unexpected disconnection the CelbPoker.com system will try to reconnect players to the gaming system. It means that the clients will be returned into the game prior to the disconnection at once.

All that has shown one again that CelebPoker.com is a growing and successful company taking care of its improvements, services and, naturally, – clients. New, the highest quality cash games and qualifiers to the 2006 World Poker are offered weekly and daily correspondingly.

To get more information about CelebPoker.com, visit http://www.celebpoker.com.

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