UK Websites to Provide Better Customer Service

100 UK gambling websites are reported to have improved their customer service by embracing technologies such as online chat, and improving accuracy and speed of responses.

The UK’s most popular gambling websites have been asked two questions:

Is there a minimum deposit or bet amount to open an account with you?

Can I choose which currency to open my account in?

A range of customer service criteria was used to assess the experience of each website. Later, the websites were awarded a score out of 100.

The experts came to the conclusion that in comparison with 2006, customer service has been improved in three main areas such as responsiveness, new interactive channels and accuracy of information.

Nevertheless, certain areas of customer service failed in 2007. They include personification of phone calls, chats and emails, communication channels, failure to provide a knowledge base destined for easy search and access information online.

The survey has shown that despite enormous improvement of customer service, the UK websites still have lots of things to improve. Having customers from all over the world, the UK websites should also take into consideration the issues of making access to information easier, and responses – immediate. The better customer service they will provide, the more interactions they’ll manage.

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