Turnkey Program Offered by Advocate Development System to Create Future Growth

If a casino is looking forward to creating its future growth and profitability, there is nothing like a combination of Robinson & Associates’ Advocate Index™ methodology and best business practices offered by Advocate Development System.

Martin R. Baird, the chief executive officer of Robinson Associates, a customer consulting firm for the gaming industry worldwide says: “The business environment in the gaming industry is highly competitive and casinos must be equipped with the proper tools to drive themselves forward for continued success. Advocate Index is the one number casinos need to plan their future growth and Advocate Development System gives them a structured program to leverage the index and take action”.

The methodology behind Advocate Index announced by Robinson & Associates last October, is the result of a thorough and profound research in more than a dozen of industries that shows that the index has tight correlation to future growth. Regarding casinos Advocate Index is the “baseline number that reflects where a casino is at the moment”, through a simple survey it measures the degree to which casinos have guest advocates that would be willing to risk their reputation by acting as casino’s advocates. Baird adds that “Advocate Development System utilizes the index and best practices to gauge, monitor and improve the casino’s performance and guest service. The end result is creation of more guest advocates and ever higher index scores. The higher the score, the more successful the casino will be because advocates are highly likely to return to play again and generate new business through the positive word they spread about the casino.

Leadership, program management, goals and metrics, incentives, action planning, improvement, guest and employee closure are the best business practices admitted by the Advocate Development System. Baird comments:

Leadership. It is necessary for the management to act as leaders to show how important guest advocates are. It’s not enough for the management staff to support any changes necessary for the company’s improvement, but they have to lead showing the example.

Program Management. Robinson & Associates partners with a casino on the implementation of Advocate Development System designs the developed and monitored formal program so that the casino can take it over when it’s high time.

Goals and Metrics. All the casino departments have goals and metrics established for them but being tightly connected with the casinos goal to become a success.

Incentives. Incentive, reward and recognition programs implemented will spur employees on providing customer service that turns guests into advocates.

Action Planning. Action plan will determine who will do it, when and why they will do it.

Improvement. The internal improvement processes implemented to create more guest advocates will involve educational, fun and participant-centered training for all employees.

Guest and Employee Closure. Keeping employees informed about the state of things gives them closure. At the same time guests will be asked how the casino can be a better place to play. They have closure when they are told by the casino how their input was used.

Baird admits: “Advocate Development System creates a focus on methods and programs that will bring increasing numbers of guests to a casino and cause existing guests to return more often, play longer and have such a positive experience that they themselves tell others to visit the casino. The System is reliable, consistent and effective; it will revitalize and support phenomenal growth at casinos”.

For more details, please go to the Advocate Development System Web site at AdvocateDevelopmentSystem.com.

You may call 206-774-8856 or e-mail Lydia Baird, director of business development, at e-mail protected from spam bots.

Note that the Web site also outlines 11 reasons for why a casino can benefit from the system, 7 mistakes casinos make when they come to improving their guest service and 10 top reasons for why customer satisfaction surveys fail. The site also has a link to an Advocate Index white paper.

Robinson & Associates has a Casino Customer Service Web site at CasinoCustomerService.com.

About Robinson & Associates: it is located in Annapolis and is a member of the Casino Management Association and is and associate member of the National Indian Gaming Association.

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