The Fearsome Foursome Have Proved to Be Really Fearsome

That happened in Las Vegas at the poker table when during Day 3 from the initial 209 players 27 left, and that amount included half of the Fearsome.

The leader of the Fearsome Foursome and BetHoldem Poker Room Manager Alex Jagodik showed a really impressive game within three days of the tournament. He didn’t manage to qualify for the final table, but despite it he got $ 27, 504. Here is what he said about his play: “I’m really pleased with how I played. I really can’t say there’s anything that I shouldn’t have done, or that I should have done to come out with a different outcome”. What happened in his final hand is that he had Ace-Jack versus John Spadavecchia’s pocket Jacks and Bill Baxter’s Kings. When another Jack appeared on the turn, everything changed: someone should be eliminated and that was Jagodik, as Baxter had enough chips to cover Spadavecchia’s stack.

The other member of the Fearsome Foursome was the WSOP veteran Brian Jensen who earned $ 19, 646. After being placed second in Atlantic City back in February, his total winning is about a quarter of a million – and all that is entirely his profit as Betholdem sponsored his buy-ins to the tournaments.

The other two members of the team who did not earn money, but who showed good poker are Steve McGugan and Don Gatlin. Gatlin was rather quick to finish – on Day 1 when his pocket Kings ran into pocket Aces. As for McGugan, he finished on the second day, but it should be noticed that it was his live tournament.

The next time we’ll be able to see the Fearsome Foursome will be in June, at the WSOP Circuit main event at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe. Jagodik, Jensen and two new members that are to be chosen from qualifier tournaments will fight for their luck. As it has already been arranged, the first qualifier tournaments will begin on May 22, and the Fearsome Foursome Finals when the two members are to be selected are said to take place on May 28, June 4.

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